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MEGA mobile computing

Link this to your desktop and take your keyboard and monitor with you.
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The idea is that when you'r in your house or office, but you want to take your computer with you and it is a desktop, you can take the wireless keyboard with you and a pair of special glasses that replace the monitor. You can use the keyboard to access the hard drive through wireless connection, and the hard drive speaks to the glasses through wireless connection.
I'm not a Wi-fi buff, but I think that the data could travel seamlessly, if not now, soon. In this way, you could travel around within a certain distance of the main computer and still use it's information or internet connection from far away. One very important use would be the bathroom break. Just place the keyboard on your lap and watch the screen through the glasses while your on the toilet.
I know these glasses exist because I've seen them used for watching movies. They create the illusion of a large screen 15 feet away from you. The keyboard, in case anyone is already gripping about the mouse, could have a roller ball or touchpad included on the side.
nratzan, Jun 05 2003

Microsoft Smart Display http://www.microsof...erviews/default.asp
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Plasma Glasses http://www.joy-stic...ws/other/plma35.htm
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]


       Your form factor (glasses & keyboard) is definitely different, but your goal (access your desktop as you move around the house) is the same as Microsoft's "Smart Display" product. In their realization, you pick up the flat-panel display and carry it with you. For input you use a stylus and treat the display like a tablet. See link below.
krelnik, Jun 05 2003

       How about a combination of Intel's Personal Server and Symbol's Laser Projection Display system?   

       User input methods should be gesture-based (by using video camera and trackable points a-la Minority Reports, or integrated onto the display system in the same manner of laser-projected keyboard from Canesta) and/or voice command.
eilathean, Nov 13 2004


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