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Ok, so sometimes I keep frequently accessed sites as icons on my screen so I can go there with one click.
I'm probably not the only one.
Every one of these sites requires its own password to access, and after learning the hard way that having the same password for everything was a bad thing... it became problematic to remember which password went with which site.

Every site seems to have its own default setting as to when they check to make sure that their members are active by closing access and making users run the whole prove-you're-you gamut. That's not a bad thing... just an annoyance, but...
...I suck at remembering passwords... and other things... that's just not what I do.

There might be others like me.

So, I think that a timely beforehand prompt might be in order alerting a user that their allotted logged-on time is about to expire, so that a reset of this arbitrary default clock can be re-extended without interruption while they still know that you are in fact you.


       A warning, before the warning, then? Hmmm yup, I need that.
blissmiss, Oct 22 2016

       But surely your browser remembers your login details for each site? (Safari does; I assumed other browsers did too.)   

       Plus you can always use a keychain, in which case you only have to remember one very important password, I think.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2016

       I use LastPass, but it's still a bit annoying when the school coursework website logs me out after two hours.   

       I have thought of running a proxy server that stays logged in to websites for me and keeps them logged in and 'active' 24/7, and then I connect via that proxy server.
notexactly, Oct 24 2016

       I got my Hotmail account hacked quite a while ago now and I went a little nutty with the passwords... so then of course when I can't remember my new Gmail password they want to send the confirmation code to my old email address.   

       It was a bit of a tail chase before the made-up word I pulled out of thin air years ago, probably after too many beers, popped randomly into my head.   


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