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"Ports of Entry" cartoons

Something to offend everyone
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At all ports of entry, in place of adverts for airlines, hotels, perfumes and fashion, put up large posters with scurrilous cartoons depicting deities and prophets.

Everything from Osiris and Ba'al to Buddah, Krishna, Crom Cruach, Yaweh and Allah.

Underneath, put captions saying "Offended ? Well, turn back now, because there's a lot more of this coming."

If the traveller hasn't been through Immigration, they get a free ride back where they came from.


An annotation from another thread:


"That's another test to add at Ports of Entry; incoming passengers must walk through a "petting zoo" with a few tame miniature pot-bellied pigs, under a big sign saying, "Welcome to our country, we like pigs".

There might have to be an alternative route reserved only for observant Hebrews."

8th of 7, Jan 14 2015

Drones Designed To Be "Shot Down" Drones_20Designed_2...20_22Shot_20Down_22
Additional idea ... [8th of 7, Feb 02 2016]


       //If the traveller hasn't been through Immigration, they get a free ride back where they came from.//   

       That raises a logistical concern however. There aren't that many regular flights that service Hell, and even fewer that fly nonstop to Wales. There are, however, rumored to be UPS bulk shipments there. I suggest a crate with holes and perhaps a parachute.
RayfordSteele, Jan 15 2015

       This is an ideal, low-cost, high entertainment value solution to current immigration issues!   

       Rather than a lot of expensive time (eg: Ellis Island) and effort (paperwork) to determine who makes a good immigrant--amongst all of the lovely refugees to choose from these days--we could simply arrange cameras to record facial micro-movements as the posters are viewed.   

       Those arrivals who do not self-deselect, yet show worrisome reactions, could be invited to further discussion in the anteroom. At this point, they will be greeted by a professional woman, obviously in charge. 'There it is, the definitive micro-movement...buh-bye!'
Sgt Teacup, Nov 15 2015

       Have the French surrended yet?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 16 2015

       // dissect Japanese nationals //   

       Unfortunately, mostly dead ones, unlike the Chinese killed by Unit 731 at Pingfan, and the Allied PoW's ...
8th of 7, Nov 17 2015

       Can't actually remember dissecting any Japanese recently, also quite remember the name of the country experimenting with STD's in Guatemala and own surplus population. Started with a U..   

       Anyway, used to live in Yokaichiba even after I Googled it and found out it's where some of the 731 guys retired to.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 17 2015

       You know the real reason behind this mad influx of cultures that are antithetical to the cultures of these countries they're migrating to? We're told it's based on two things: moral superiority of those who support it and pragmatism.   

       It's neither. It's based on the ruling elites need to assert their dominion over those they rule over. The angrier it makes the non-ruling class, the more absolutely vital it is that these policies be carried out RIGHT NOW, without debate because this is how they celebrate their power, and the celebration of their power is the very reason for the country's existence in their eyes. Yes, they import voters who are going to support their political party but I think it goes beyond just that.   

       The crime and ghettos these policies create don't effect the psychotically powerful ruling elite, they only hurt the people down in the trenches of society trying to mind their own business and get by in life. The people that the ruling elites absolutely despise. The people who, for instance, have to wait at a bus stop and are the ones who get groped, fondled or worse while the elites stay safe in their limos with their armed guards. I think the rich and powerful get great joy from the contrast.   

       This is a revolution against the working man fomented by the ruling elites. These "immigrants" are a conquering army specifically brought in to cow the middle and lower classes into submission. It's not that the ruling elites particularly like the groups they're bringing in, they just really hate you. They want worker's wages driven down, they want people who can't afford a gated community to live in fear, they want workers taxed to pay for a permanent ward-of- the-state-class tasked only with voting the elites into permanent power and occasionally performing brownshirt duties of getting out and terrorizing the masses.   

       And as far as the talisman these elites hold up to ward off their evil demon critics like me, the accusation of "racism", I welcome all races from any background to be a part of my culture as long as you adopt UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED VALUES OF CIVILIZATION! These are not up for debate any more. With very few exceptions, every other country, race and culture has agreed to not kill people of other religions, stone homosexuals, sell slaves or consider women so low they can't drive cars. We have a worldwide universal agreement about what it is to be civilized and we should be proud enough to defend it against all comers. Even really, really, really, rich people who feel they don't have enough power because THEY are the problem here.   

       Want to test my theory? Tell the elites to tell the entire third world we'll take ALL their widows and orphans but the young, aggressive men need to stay home and use their aggression to fix their own countries. Not gonna happen because widows and orphans don't rape, murder and rampage, which is what's wanted of these people.   

       Sorry about the rant, but I'll wrap up by saying I met a really cool guy at a party me and the wife went to the other day. He's a doctor, a GP and we really saw things eye to eye on about every subject. When it came to talking about backgrounds, he told me he came from Afghanistan about 40 years ago. We need more of these great people in our country, but we need to NOT be so racist as to cast the same title over everybody who comes from a particular area. We need to differentiate good from bad. If you're a doctor and you understand and support the tenets of civilization, come on in. If you think that ISIS and their ilk has some good points, stay home.   

       That's the way I see it anyway. Again, apologies for the long rant.
doctorremulac3, Feb 02 2016

       // There might have to be an alternative route reserved only for observant Hebrews. //   

       I don't get this. Are you saying that observant Hebrews can come in without petting a pig (How do you verify that someone is an observant Hebrew?) Or did you have some other experience in mind for Hebrews that is worse?   

       I kind of like the original idea in that it appeared to be equally offensive to all, but didn't actually require people to do anything that violated their faith.
scad mientist, Feb 02 2016

       // Are you saying that observant Hebrews can come in without petting a pig //   

       <reckons up number of terrorist acts committed against the West since 1950 by observant Hebrews>   

8th of 7, Feb 02 2016


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