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Queue Ball

anti-goosing ball on string on pole on cap with chin strap
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You know the ball on a string in the garage to keep you from driving through its back wall? This smaller version would stick out a foot behind you to keep people from crowding you in lines.

When the rubber queue ball contacts the face of the person behind, intrusion of your personal space will be discouraged.

FarmerJohn, May 25 2005


       Thought this was going to be about line dancing.
normzone, May 25 2005

       Have you gentlemen chosen to forgo the pleasure of unfamiliar breasts against your back ? Simple mathematics shows the gains to outweigh the risks.
normzone, May 25 2005

       It would be very effective because who would want to approach a person wearing a harness holding up a pole with a tennis ball hanging from it.
10clock, May 25 2005

       I'd hope never to be stuck in a queue in front of Andre Agassi.
Adze, May 25 2005

       //the pleasure of unfamiliar breasts against your back//

Ahhhhh! Glances behind me to find sumo wrestler.
ldischler, May 25 2005

       If the ball was hanging dead centre, then a sufficiently large pair of breasts could potentially outflank the ball on either side.   

       "I'm terribly sorry, I appear to have lodged my ball in your cleavage..."
wagster, May 25 2005

       I used to wear a leather jacket with spikes along the back for this very reason. The crowding, not the breasts.
justaguy, May 25 2005

       Would this thing be retractable? I think maybe the queue ball should have a motion sensor to tell when you were not moving so it would know to deploy. Because otherwise, I'm thinking, this ball's all over the place when you're going about your business, where your business excludes standing in a queue.   

       Also, maybe you could sell ad space on the tennis ball.
Soterios, May 25 2005


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