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office ponies

a workplace for equine enthusiasts
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Each office worker is granted a small pony that stands waiting in a small cubicle next to their desk. Trotting from floor to floor is permitted but cantering is strictly for tea ladies and vice presidents. Company directors will often pass through the halls from time to time on the back of a horse drawn cart and a few sugar cubes are handy to feed him or her if promotion is of importance. Staff meetings are held in the corral room, which is a large space with a feeding trough in the center to promote eye to eye contact. The flooring will be replaced with 4 inches of hay for sanitary reasons and wagon wheels are to be hung at various positions around the work area to make the ponies feel at home.
benfrost, Dec 01 2004

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A bliss classic [waugsqueke, Dec 01 2004]


       Ponies in cubicals? The danger is employees will realize they’ve been working in stalls all along.
ldischler, Dec 01 2004

       I put up with enough shit at work as it is. Sorry but bone along with the pile of poo!
Jinbish, Dec 01 2004

       "I hear Frank's been bucking for a promotion again."   

       I really don't understand this idea.   

       Why ponies. Why at work? Is this kind of supposed to be humour? But it's not funny.   

       Is it just kind of a funny image to imagine? So you may as well have said   

       'Sheep at work' or 'Policemen have to wear red underwear over the top of their trowsers' or 'Make your boss walk on all fours so that you can look down on him'   

       I mean -- I really don't understand. Is it just 'read this silly idea'? There's got to be some cleverness, somewhere, with regards to this idea. Isn't there?
britboy, Dec 01 2004

       It's regretable we've been saddled with this idea. It's natural that [britboy] would bridle at it. It does go against the grain of the halfbakery.   

       But as one who could have ridden his mustang to work if there was only a corral to keep him in, this tail does hold hold some appeal.
normzone, Dec 01 2004

       "I can't come into work today. I no longer have a hoarse throat."
FarmerJohn, Dec 01 2004


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