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MySpace Bar

Get only virtually drunk
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I propose that someone with way more programming prowess than I, write an application for MySpace. This application would replicate a bar (pub, tavern) setting wherein people could go and buy each other virtual drinks. Just like at a standard American bar, they could lie about their age, occupations, marital status, and, um...

Hmm... Okay, I'm boning myself for the redundancy issue.

bdag, Sep 24 2009

Yahoo!_20Instant_20...ger_20Virtual_20Pub The pre-mySpace version of this idea [hippo, Sep 24 2009]

Migrate to Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/sendaround/home
where it's baked, mashed, smashed, pie-eyed, and pickled. [egbert, Sep 24 2009]


       //Okay, I'm boning myself for the redundancy issue //   

       Not a good start...
theleopard, Sep 24 2009

       I once went into a tavern in a MUDD - I got kicked out of there by asking an Elf whether there was a hwoorang shamen next door via my employment of a descriptive mime (different creatures spoke different languages, which you could learn if you liked through repeated practice - it was quite clever, there seemed to be some sort of algorithm that jumbled up x% of the letters of any language you didn't understand, making cross-species communication quite tricky - however, the program did allow you to describe yourself doing something active (for flowery, role-playing purposes no doubt) like hopping on one leg, or doing a dance, which wasn't, since it was physical description, subject to this linguistic jumbalisation) Apparently, doing an impression of an hwoorang shamen, pointing next door, and looking scared - was a breach of the role-playing code, and I was chastened by the assembled druids, orcs, goblins, elves and striders - in languages stretching from pristine Middle Earthian to outright Orcaic gibberish - that's the last time I hang out with anyone from Middle Earth, bunch of cOGlxpp PfLyXeNs.
zen_tom, Sep 24 2009

       Fundamantal Schoolboy Error, there, [zen_tom],
gnomethang, Sep 24 2009

       Why not go to an actual pub/bar, with a netbook or such, and get actually drunk, all the while posting less and less coherent updates on Spacebook or the like?
kaz, Sep 24 2009

       Baked via Second Life?   

       What [kaz] said. On the other hand, could we have a better experience in person? It'd cost more for sure, and it's harder to find like-minded people. Not that we're like-minded at all.
sninctown, Sep 24 2009

       [21], nice idea. Offering "virtual", ie "imaginary", drinks over the web is the biggest waste of pixels since Myst.   

       Skype-enabled chat booths in public bars with an attached menu might be a nice idea. But posting it would inevitably lead to dystopian suggestions of degraded social interaction through ever-increasing technological bubbles.   

       Still, like it.
theleopard, Sep 25 2009


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