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Magnetic Panel System Clothing Construction Set

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A body suit is first put on, either a unitard or an exoskelton style suit.

At each bend point, and seperation points in the clothes, there will magnetic points. I imagine it would look like a motion capture suit but instead of white balls, you have penny sized magnets.

The other, individually creative part of the clothing lies on the outside.

A meriad of colorful panels, much like kites, with magnets at the verticies, would be applied like pieces of armor for that patchwork, stained glass, insane style you've been looking for.

Giblet, Jul 18 2007

Magnetic Dress Magnetic_20Dress
[xaviergisz, Jul 20 2007]


       I read this idea
evilpenguin, Jul 18 2007

       wouldn't your clothes and panels constantly get stuck to metal? Imagine going up a crowded escalator and getting off without dignity..
evilpenguin, Jul 18 2007

       The high price of being this fashionable.
Giblet, Jul 18 2007

       I've been trying to Half Bake the Omnitard, but I can't find a way to improve on the unitard.
Giblet, Jul 20 2007

       maybe this is a dumb annotation, but what about computers? I mean, we all know that magnets+most technology= Big Fiery Ball, VIsible from Space (or BFBVFS). I mean it sounds like it looks cool, but not near my computer, thanks!
PollyNo9, Jul 25 2007

       Gets my vote.
DrCurry, Jul 25 2007


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