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Long Saturdays

Long Saturday and Friday Night
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Make Friday and Saturday night two hours hour longer.

Compensate for the additional time by missing a Monday every 6 weeks, or a Monday morning every 3 weeks.

CasaLoco, Jun 08 2001


       Um, there's a reason why the day is synched to the earth's rotation. This would eliminate that.
bookworm, Jun 08 2001

       B-b-but I work on Saturdays....
globaltourniquet, Jun 08 2001

       So a 26-hour day should be great for you, assuming you're paid hourly (or have to work a fixed number of hours).
egnor, Jun 08 2001

       Haven't been paid hourly since the early nineties...
globaltourniquet, Jun 08 2001


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