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Personal Week Balls

Turn the wheel of time into a ball
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A week is a wheel with seven sectors which rolls for all of us in the same way. This is a collective conspiracy. Instead of conceptualising the week in this manner, we could see it as a ball marked in a manner similar to a globe with a seven-day equator and shorter belts of days with new names at higher latitudes, and Northday and South day at the poles. There are two temperate day zones each consisting of four days. Consecutive days are adjacent and can be entered either at the corners or the sides. The temperate days are named in English after redundant deities, so for example we have Lokiday and Baldday, and even Dayday. This gives us a total of seventeen days in the week. You are allowed to go from any day to any other provided you follow the rules and there is no obligation to visit any day at all. One of the days is Birthday, and although it's not forbidden it's considered bad form to visit it more than once a year. You will need to be careful to plan your route so that you enter it on the right day of the year although doing so is not obligatory.

Pluterday is open to all. I dunno, there's been a revolution or something and its opened its borders.

Just as there are associations currently between some days and characteristics such as the Day of Rest. For example, some days are "dress-down", Saladay you eat salad and so on. Come to think of it, there are already many named days, so:

Northday is at one pole.

The northern temperate days are Pluterday, Dayday, Birthday and Lokiday.

The equatorial days are the same as currently.

The southern temperate days are Saladay, Dressdownday, Unbirthday (no entry on your birthday) and Earthday. You don't have to be green on Earthday, but it helps.

Shorter and longer scales of time are similarly divided. The polar days have twenty-four sectors and the others are divided into 144 time periods on a grid like graph paper with similar rules about entry and exit. The months are dodecahedral - each month is a face of the year but they have the same names. The actual sequence of the weeks and the years remains the same. The months would of course have to be about thirty and a bit days in length and February would still have an extra day and be mandatory - everyone has to have February at the same time.

I have no idea why I want this.

nineteenthly, Jan 17 2015


       I like the idea of concurrently-running alternative calendrical time systems. But chaos beckons, and once you cut loose from a universal synchronised system, why keep to complex rules like this? Just make it up as you go along.
pocmloc, Jan 17 2015

       // I have no idea why I want this //   

8th of 7, Jan 17 2015

       We already keep certain rules. This replaces them with another set. It would also be possible to head towards the same day with someone, so you could both have a Sunday if you want it, for example. Some people need structure.
nineteenthly, Jan 17 2015


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