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New Calendar

a simpler calendar.
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10 day weeks X 36 = 360 days + 5 days extra. simple.
thelumberjack, May 29 2002


       We've got new calendars coming out of our ears here tlj. Bsides,this is baked by the egyptians, and i'm pretty sure this is half baked as well.   

       And this should be in culture:calendar.
[ sctld ], May 29 2002

       The French also tried this after the revolution. It wasn't popular with workers, who saw their weekends becoming further apart.   

       I don't see why we need to measure time in days at all. We could just work arbitrary time periods in huge domes with artificial lights.
pottedstu, May 29 2002

       Why not simply do away with named days and months and set weeks etc and simply name days '1', '2', etc. Don't complain, we already do it with years. It would be more simple, anyway:   

       "You coming to my house on 228?"   

       "Nah, Could make it on 224 though."   

       "I'm busy on 224. How about 230?"   

       "Sounds good."   

       Much less confusion.
NickTheGreat, May 29 2002

       So essentially, the meeting is at your house, arriving between twentyfive past two and half past two.
drew, May 29 2002

       NS: it is now, but it wasn't
yamahito, May 29 2002

       [drew]: You really don't get it, do you? Were they time statements they would clearly be preceeded by the word 'at', and not, as they are, 'on', symobilsing a date.   

       [yamahito]: My name is NickTheGreat. Use it. By the way: what does NS stand for? I think I'd rather be referred to as NTG. Sigh.
NickTheGreat, May 29 2002

       I'm sorry Nick, I find it pretentious. I know it's probably not meant to be, but I'm not going to use it. Same goes for a friend of mine who likes to call himself "God" online. It's nothing personal.
yamahito, May 29 2002

       "Pretentious? Moi?" - Fawlty Towers
NickTheGreat, May 29 2002

       You can email me to convince me otherwise - my address is on my profile page.
yamahito, May 29 2002

       [NickTheGreat]: //and not, as they are, 'on', symobilsing a date//   

       I do get it - 'twas a jibe, a joke, something better than sarcasm, falling short of true wit, but close enough for jazz. Don't worry - there's little chance of you symobilsing a date with me.
drew, May 29 2002


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