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Party like it's 1699

In Northern Russia
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This catering product would consist of the following:

Print on demand booklets describing a chosen location and era's social conventions as apply to a social gathering.

Foods fitting that time frame substituting for ingredients that aren't available.

Costumes of the correct type for the era and location.

Era- appropriate decorating.

Era-appropriate transportation for guests.

Voice, Jun 07 2011

Sort of like this? http://www.sca.org/
[Klaatu, Jun 07 2011]

baked here, too! (similar- but not in Russia) http://www.castlerestaurant.com/
[xandram, Jun 07 2011]


       The SCA only goes to 1599, [Klaatu].
spidermother, Jun 07 2011

       Mmmmm! I'd like another helping of that fine boiled cabbage!
Grogster, Jun 07 2011

       <channels Yakov> In soviet Russia... Party celebrates you.   

       //The SCA only goes to 1599// So, the only difference with this idea is that it covers an era 100 years later and, it's based in Russia? Then what? Party like it's 1776 in Lithuania?   

       I fail to see a new idea other than the time frame and location. [-]
Klaatu, Jun 07 2011

       sca.org describes time periods. castlerestaurant.com gives parties for a particular time and place. Neither are a party planning service that lets you pick any time and place.

EDIT: castle restaurant does not seem to match the period in any way but the general theme of the place. Clothing, transportation, food is all current era.
Voice, Jun 07 2011

       Stalingrad, January 1943 ...
8th of 7, Jun 07 2011

       //Stalingrad, January 1943//   

       Costs would be very low. You could serve the customers to each other.
mouseposture, Jun 08 2011


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