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Longevity happiness elixir

Immunizing against MAO-B could cause greater cheerfulness and immunize against depression, it could cause greater longevity as well.
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Dperenyl, also known as the Esam patch, is an antidepressant. It inhibits monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B). [link].

Soaking up all the MAO-B another way could also be anantidepressant. That suggests that immunizing against MAO-B could cause greater cheerfulness and immunize against depression

Deprenyl causes four species of mammals to live 9-30% longer! There is a possibility that immunizing against monoamine oxidase B causes greater longevity as well.

If everything went right with an MAO-B immunization then one oral dose, once, could cause greater happiness and greater longevity for a lifetime..

beanangel, Oct 16 2018

deprenyl the antidepressant at wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selegiline
[beanangel, Oct 16 2018]

Deprenyl makes rats live 34% longer https://www.ncbi.nl....gov/pubmed/8030852
[beanangel, Oct 16 2018]

An immunization against monoamine oxidase causes a ;earning effect https://www.ncbi.nl....gov/pubmed/9809286
[beanangel, Oct 18 2018]


       //immunizing against MAO-B// Well, you're going to have a problem immunising against a normal human protein. Also, if you managed it you'd (a) have a permanent autoimmune disease and (b) would have a permanent MOA-B deficiency. If you decided that it wasn't right for you, you'd basically be fucked.   

       My joy at the return of the HB is lifted to new heights by my ability to bone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2018

       I never bone but it's tempting in this case. One thing this does make me wonder about, though, is whether depression has a biological function.
nineteenthly, Oct 17 2018

       Here is what Wikipedia says:   

       "people lacking the gene for MAO-B display no abnormalities except elevated phenethylamine levels in urine, raising the question of whether MAO-B is actually a necessary enzyme."   

       Like others, I tend to doubt that the neurologic system is producing a completely uneccessary enzyme.
4and20, Oct 17 2018

       Addendum: before attempting this, perhaps someone should survey whether people who lack the gene for MAO-B are much happier than the general population, live much longer, feel drained of phenethylamine, etc.
4and20, Oct 19 2018

       [4and20] great idea! There are 2 records at pubmed about MAO A and B gene deletion. It is really bad for people.   

       There remains optimism though, I would look to see if different SNPs (gene variants) had any benefit.
beanangel, Oct 19 2018

       I have heard of an idea that depression may in some cases be adaptive, making it easier for the person to think about what's causing problems in their life. I can't easily find any mention of it in Wikipedia, though.
notexactly, Nov 07 2018


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