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Intermittent Dosage Warning

for people who don't always take their medication
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In an ideal world people would take their medication as prescribed all the time. However we do not live in that world for a variety of reasons. The problem is some medications taken inconsistently can cause terrible side effects (the mood stabilizer Lamotrigine comes to mind where abrupt raising of does can cause a deadly rash and abrupt lowering can cause seizures).

My idea is to have a section of the documentation that comes with the drug explain what the harm the drug could do if it were taken intermittently. That way people would be more likely to stick to it consistently if not doing so were bad enough. Right now you have to search the internet for this info if it's there at all.

lepton, Apr 15 2020


       Are not such warnings the responsibility of the prescribing physician ?   

       And if not, then what function do physicians serve ?
8th of 7, Apr 16 2020

       We have physicians so that, on arrival flat on our backs in Intensive Care, we do not find our treatment program decided and administered by a cantankerous cyborg with suspicious brown splash-marks on his ceiling.
pertinax, Apr 16 2020

       You may be reassured that those brown stains are nothing more than the consequence of the projectile incontinence of a previous visitor, and absolutely not dried blood as the result of arterial spray combined with droplet fling from a bat'leth wieled with precision and unnecessary force.
8th of 7, Apr 16 2020

       ^ Well I'm glad that's settled.   

       Such warnings would certainly be a good idea but who really reads those mile-long documentation sheets anyway? The doc has usually written the dosage on the label; pop the pill and go.   

       It would be cool to bake this and add some nonsense, like "gross overdosage will produce purple secretions from the eyes accompanied by sterility" and see who Googles for more info.
whatrock, Apr 16 2020

       // who really reads those mile-long documentation sheets anyway? //   

       The lawyers that write and approve them. As you point out, humans don't bother.
8th of 7, Apr 16 2020

       So the active pill includes active part C and D at uneven concentrations. On ingestion D's half-life is more so with a bit of metabolism they balance out. Given more time or large ingestion dose that overpowers the initial metabolism they get out of balance and the taker has a blue urine reminder. Though, with the overdose, it will be a marker for the medic.
wjt, Apr 20 2020

       ... when said medic eventually gets back from the golf course.   

       They like golf, because it's outside, in the fresh air, and best of all well away from sick people, who are whiny and depressing and you can catch things from them.
8th of 7, Apr 20 2020

       Do the paramedics play golf?
wjt, Apr 22 2020

       No, they're not proper doctors. That's why they're nowhere near as good at killing their victims.   

       The job of paramedics is to keep the victim alive until they get to a nice, warm, dry hospital where the dirt can be cleaned off them and medics can finish them off at leisure.
8th of 7, Apr 22 2020


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