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Lord Megafudge

One man's journey into the centre of his mind...
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John Smith was a boring guy. Had a boring job, boring wife, boring children and no prospects for the future. See, John was a fudge packer and on one fateful day, he was asked to 'man the large vat of fudge'. Being that John was a bit of a pushover, he agreed to do so, just until that fat faced fellow came back from the lavatory. As fate was conspiring against him on that day, something bad had to happen.

OMFG A METEOR STORM ABOUT 80 MILES AWAY FROM THE FACTORY VICIOUSLY SHOOK THE BUILDING. John shook from side to side, eventually falling over the very low safety rail and landing in the vat of smouldering fudge goo.

Of course, no one even knew John had disappeared because everyone was too interested in the meteor that had just landed on Earth's beautiful soil. A few days later, the factory got their sh*t together and decided to do the fire register. John's name eventually came up, but there was no answer. So they rang up home, and the boring wife answered

Wife: 'Hello' Guy from factory: 'Hi, your husband doesn't seem to have come into work today, just wondering if he's at home with you after the meteor thingy' Wife: 'Oh. No, he didn't come home.' Guy from factory: 'Cool story, bro' *hangs up*


I'll do more later on, but really, my brain just stuck it's two middle fingers up at me

Thomasunde, Sep 02 2011

(?) Two fishbones? You call that hate? http://www.halfbakery.com/view/nonzeroNeg
[mouseposture, Sep 03 2011]

Fudge Packer http://www.youtube....watch?v=A419-nHmg9A
lol [jaksplat, Sep 03 2011]


       Well, I expect you feel better for getting that out of your system.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 02 2011

       I'm not done yet I ran out of creative juices after the title
Thomasunde, Sep 02 2011

       That late?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 02 2011

       I'll be on top of my game tomorrow, you'll be giving me a bun by the end of it.
Thomasunde, Sep 02 2011

       You had me right up until "Lord".
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 02 2011

       //factory got their sh*t together// Hey, you had me thinking it was a *fudge* factory!
lurch, Sep 02 2011

       3 years on and you still hate me ;)
Thomasunde, Sep 02 2011

       Someone really should get rid of all the superhero ideas except the ones other than this idea.
rcarty, Sep 03 2011

       So just this one? ):
Thomasunde, Sep 03 2011

       So, just to clarify:   

       Is Fudge Man really Boring John who eventually turns into Lord Megafudge through genetic fudge mutation; or is Fudge Man the guy that keeps all the other Fudge Packers happy with campy Drag Queen songs (and is therefore an annoyingly useless bit player in this story) while other workers dredge the vats; or is Lord Megafudge a giant mutant that extracts Boring John from the large fudge vat, pokes a stick up his arse, and keeps him in a walk-in freezer for future consumption as a Boring Fudgecicle; or does Boring John crawl out of the fudge vat in a matter of hours after consuming all of it but has serious lower intestinal cramping and so can't leave the third stall in the restroom due to loss of bowel control leaving Lord Megafudge thinking that, with Boring John out of the way, he can make a play for Boring Wife but is prevented from carrying out his Fiendish Plan by Fudge Man who has finally, mercifully STOPPED SINGING, and who has made it is life's work to rescue Boring Wife from Lord Megafudge's Evil Clutches?   

       Oh, wait; nevermind. ( [rcarty]=genius )   

       [ ]
Grogster, Sep 03 2011


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