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Lord of the Pants

"Check That Inseam...Punk?"
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By sheer force of will can alter the physical properties of any variety of legware. The Trouser Transformer routinely foils fleeing villains by making their slacks impossibly long, crotch-constrictive or just plain unstylish.
The Military, Jun 10 2001

Visualization Aid http://www.lordofthedance.com/
Mr. Flatley's Vegasified Irish Jigging ensemble seems (seams?) to be this super villian's first victim, as well as his namesake. [lsenater, Jun 10 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       At which point the Fashion Police have another reason to arrest the villains.

Not being USAian, I read this and thought it might mean that there was a superhero who would stop white knickers going grey after only three machine washes.
lewisgirl, Jun 10 2001

       "...and Count of the Socks!!"

"I see you are wearing one, TWO socks! HA Ha ha ha!"
hippo, Jun 11 2001

       Nice one, UnaBubba.:)
goff, Jun 11 2001

       In the original comics he went by a different name and just caused the zippers to burst. But Mr Golding sued.
sirrobin, Jun 11 2001

       He is continually persecuted by the Church of No-Pants!!
salmon, Oct 24 2001

       Gee, this is a great idea. We need one at the shipping company I work for. It's 105% physical labor, and still the stupid boys insist upon wearing their pant waists down about their thighs, centemeters from their crotchline. How they stay up when one is going up or down a ladder is a mystery of physics to me.
amo, Oct 24 2001

       It's 105 guys giving 1%.
AfroAssault, Oct 25 2001


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