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Louvered Floors

Louvered floors open for quick cleaning and/or different look
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If you're a typical single guy, it stands to reason you've got a little cleaning to do. Espesially when the parental unit or a potential mate is coming over. Aside from rounding up all the old pizza boxes and socks, there's still a lot of debris (gum wrappers, cigarette packs, junk mail, etc.) to get cleaned off the floor.

With louvered floors, you could flip them at 90 degrees and let all the crap just fall through. No sweeping or vacuuming.

Or if you've got carpeted floors and are about to have a party, no need risking wine stains. Just flip the louvered floor and hey, presto! hardwood floors. (Also great for recording studios.)

You could even use the triangular louvers (like triview billboards) to have a choice of three distinct floorings, or a combination of the differnt styles.

[added for further detail]

For cleaning, the debris would just fall through. There's a multitude of ways to deal with this, one of my favourites being a huge tray that slides out of the side of your house, like the tray under your fridge or puppy cage. Or a funnel. Or a large conveyor belt. Or nothing, just let it fall through to the dirt under the house.

As for furniture, only flip half the louvers at a time, slide the couch and flip the other half. Or you could just flip the dirty portions of the floor.

The weight capacity is managable through corrogation and intermitant supports. (Supports would probably be patterned somewhat like the "square wheel" roadway <http://www.sciencenews.org/articles/20040403/mathtrek.asp>) I'm thinking the triangular louvers would be the best solution here.

But after reflection, the interior design aspect might be the selling point. The cost would be high, so it'd have to be marketed to people looking to spend a lot on their home, not so much single guys with messy houses.

Imagine being able to alter swaths of the living room floor to coincide with the event you're hosting: shag carpet for intimate settings, low carpet for day-to-day, and hardwood for parties.

the27man, Aug 14 2004

27's link as a link http://www.sciencen...040403/mathtrek.asp
no charge, blah, blah, blah... [po, Oct 17 2004]


       So where does the crap go? How would it affect the furniture? Ability to hold up to alot of weight? Cost? I love the idea, answer my questions and a bun you will be rewarded.
destructionism, Aug 14 2004

       The crap is washed away by air blast into an outdoor dumpster, through underfloor channels.   

       Hang all the furniture from the ceiling--it's artistic and modern!   

       Since all the furniture is hanging, it need only support you and your friends--a modest load (I hope), since each louvre will take the load independently.
5th Earth, Aug 14 2004

       anyone seen the hamster?
po, Aug 14 2004

       It wouldn't work in the basement, but then I never sweep the basement anyway.
[po]: It's in the basement.
angel, Aug 14 2004

       Ok then, here's your bun. [+]
destructionism, Aug 14 2004

       No, I calculate gaps of one eighth the triangular louvers’ widths, when they’ve turned 30 degrees.
FarmerJohn, Aug 15 2004

       Meshes nicely with the garbage foundation idea.
Voice, Feb 12 2017

       Hey, I was thinking louvered base boards for heat/ventillation control but louvered floor boards work.
wjt, Feb 12 2017

       I was thinking these floors would be all fancy, with gilded scrollwork. Like in the Louver.
bungston, Feb 12 2017

       Actually, the correct spelling of _both_ is louvre/Louvre. A "louver" would be "something that louves".
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2017

       Is there then no kinde of men   

       Whom I may freely prove?   

       I will vent that humour then   

       In mine own selfe love
bungston, Feb 12 2017


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