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Pace Box

Deeper perception while trodding on balls.
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In your study, a recessed rectangular pit, walled with strong magnets and filled with stainless steel balls. One meter wide, it can be three meters long, or longer.

Can't think? Stressed? Wondering what she'll say? Plotting revenge? White lies on a tax return? Charity ball seating assignments?

Get out of your seat, and pace back and forth on hard metal balls. As you pace, you will slowly wear a trough and sink into the floor. Eventually you might even touch the cold, flat, bottom of the pace box -- by then you will definitely have your answer. Step out of the box, sweep all the magnetic balls back level in the box, and return to your seat.

This can also be done with sand, but for the cats and carpet.

mylodon, Jul 09 2008

Magnetic Stainless http://www.supremes..._steel_magnetic.php
[mylodon, Jul 09 2008]


       //can also be done with sand// but then you'd lose the shiatsu effect (foot massage)
FlyingToaster, Jul 09 2008

       stainless steel is not atracted by magnets, I don't think.
zeno, Jul 09 2008

       There are different grades of stainless steel, some are magnetic [see link].   

       Specifically, non-austenitic stainless.
mylodon, Jul 09 2008

       The internet is a small world. I was looking at that very page - in a totally unrelated endeavour - just yesterday.
Texticle, Jul 09 2008

       A lot of balls. Just right for the Chief Executive .....
8th of 7, Jul 10 2008

       //huge tracker-ball// have to be pretty complex or you could just fall off.
FlyingToaster, Jul 10 2008

       Or just very, very big..... with its own gravity ....
8th of 7, Jul 10 2008


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