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Low Maintenance Paint Pattern

don't bother.
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The factory paint scheme on the vehicle is a set of seemingly randomly emplaced and sized overlapping rectangles which are near, but noticeably not, the same colour: that's the design.

If you get a dent, scratch or rust spot, there's no need to get the entire panel or vehicle painted, just do the repair, apply a rectangle of colour (either matching the outline of an existing rectangle or adding a new one) and apply clearcoat.

FlyingToaster, Jun 12 2011


       This isn't meant to be camouflage: it's just a pattern of overlapping rectangles of various sizes within a certain colour range. Not pixels or even pixel-sized.   

       But yes if you had it in grey rectangles of various shades you could probably hide in a parking lot. . .
FlyingToaster, Jun 12 2011

       Dazzle ships.   

       As panels?
nineteenthly, Jun 12 2011

       The colours should be quite different, to be sure people know you mean it. Given that, you could probably also permit random-shaped patches.   

       To make this suitable for larger businesses, the colour shades should be specified. In keeping with the idea, this could probably be more approximate than is usually the case.   

       I like this idea a lot.   

       21 Quest - I didn't realise that it was current practice the military to patch and return/pass on damaged clothing. I know that during WWII hand-me-downs like that occurred - soldiers were issued clothing with sewn-up bullet-holes in. I assumed that didn't happen any more as it would be bad for morale.
Loris, Jun 12 2011

       a camouflage is a type of hat that goths wear at ladies day at wimbledon (tennis) every fifth year - its pretty much a secret though so don't tell anyone.
po, Jun 12 2011

       //Clothing? Camouflage is a pattern, not a garment.//   

       That's true, and you could have been talking about camouflaged vehicles I suppose.
I'm not an expert on the army and warfare like you, but I don't think that cheap repair is the reason for camouflage on military stuff though.
Loris, Jun 12 2011

       There is a certain amount of circumstancial evidence that may tend to indicate that you are not entirely incorrect.
8th of 7, Jun 12 2011

       Basically a more subtle take on the Partridge Family Bus?
Alterother, Jun 14 2011

       Ah thanks, I was wondering where I got the picture in my head of a "clown car" paint scheme... yup, except the PF's bus included some long lines as part of the design, which don't fit the "paint'n'go" paradigm as easily.
FlyingToaster, Jun 14 2011


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