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go-slower stripes

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In exactly the same way as go-faster stripes don't make cars go any faster, these stripes, painted on a car, won't make it go any slower. Slowness being orthogonal to fastness, as go-faster stripes give an impression of speed by being painted horizontally along the body of the car, go-slower stripes will give the impression of sluggishness by being painted vertically. Benefits include a lower risk of being stopped for speeding if traffic police are subconsciously fooled into thinking you are driving a slow car.

At night, when combined with 50Hz gas-discharge street lighting they may also make your car *really* look slow. At 30mph your car travels about 10 inches in 1/50th of a second so if the stripes are about 5 inches wide, at night the stripes will appear motionless while your car glides sneakily past.
hippo, Feb 08 2006

spray car, wear the suit. Retroreflective_20pinstripes
[po, Feb 09 2006]


       So for 60Hz, do I need narrower stripes?
oxen crossing, Feb 08 2006

       Had my bun as soon as I read the title.
wagster, Feb 08 2006

       Wide vertical stripes offer the benefit of making your car look shorter and allowing you to either deny rides to people you dislike by claiming little or no extra room, or impress those that you deign to transport with how much bigger the car is on the inside than it looks.
ato_de, Feb 08 2006

       Every time I see zebra they appear to be standing still.
Shz, Feb 08 2006

       Read this as "go-lower stripes". Get me some of them!
roleohibachi, Feb 08 2006

       I like it I think this could be the next paint job +
redsimple, Feb 08 2006

       [+]Make the distance between stripes wider as you go to the back of the car, and you'll look like you're not just going slower, but always slowing down.
sophocles, Feb 09 2006

       Add timed strobe lights from under the fenders and make the rims look like they are moving at a snails pace.   

       I thought this was about that lovable zebra called "Stripes" who hangs out with that fruit stripe gum and always says "Yikes"... oh, well... [+] anyway.
zigness, Feb 09 2006

       Should I get a special Pin Stripe suit trousers made, which will produce the same effect under neon ?
neilp, Feb 09 2006

       Fantastic [+]
Mr Phase, Feb 09 2006

       awesome, I really need these.[+]
xandram, Feb 09 2006

       Damn, just when one thinks of an original idea, a quick search in here always proves otherwise.   

       My version would, however, have slowed the car in much the same way that go-faster stripes actually speed up the car. They would thus decrease the frequency of road deaths and would help people not to exceed speed limits.
TomP, May 08 2013

       They DO slow the car down in exactly the same way as Go Faster stripes speed a car up. And by EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT. It's uncanny.
bs0u0155, May 08 2013


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