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Smoking Credits

Anti Smoking Credits
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The Plan:

Each person is given a card at the age of 16 (I think it should be 18, actually) which they must scan through a machine in order to buy tobacco products. Initially the card has unlimited credits.

If you ever want to give up smoking, you inform a helpline who will set your card to a limited amount of tobacco per unit time. This gradually is reduced until the card becomes useless. This way anyone who wants to give up will be forced to once they take that decision.

Also underage smoking becomes much more difficult.

The Problem:

Duty free fags, cost and the question of civil liberties would make this almost unworkable. However in theory it has few flaws and it would be interesting to publicly present it to the government and see how they refused to take it up without saying "we need 12 year olds to start smoking so we can tax them for the rest of their diminished lifespan"

PS I am not a fanatical anti-smoker, or even a non-smoker myself.

afroman, Nov 26 2001

Fag "that's ciggs to the rest of you" lock box http://www.halfbake...you_22_20lock_20box
Another attempt to restrict access to cigarettes, but aimed more at reducing than cutting out entirely. [pottedstu, Nov 26 2001]


       You'd still be able to buy smuggled cigarettes from big men with tattoos, and you'd really annoy your friends by constantly cadging off them. What happens if you change your mind and decide you don't want to quit, because smoking is cool and makes you thin.
pottedstu, Nov 26 2001

       According to a statistic in a textbook I am reading, most underage smokers buy their cigarettes themselves. Your average corner shop doesn't give 2 shits who they sell to. I mentioned the smuggling/duty free aspect- I know this idea won't work in real life.
afroman, Nov 26 2001


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