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Lung Valve

A valve to choose which lung to use.
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For die hard smokers, a valve could be installed in the chest to select the left lung, right lung, or both lungs.

Since we can live on only one lung, when lighting up, switch over to the smoking lung position, and haul away. When done switch back to both lungs.

This way, when cancer begins to take root, you can remove the diseased lung and run on the nice pink lung you have left.


Giblet, Nov 21 2001


       Doubling the length of time you can support your bad habit.   

phoenix, Nov 21 2001

       Eh, I came off harsher than I meant to. I smoke. From personal experience anything that encourages the habit is a bad thing.
phoenix, Nov 21 2001

       Possibly a hole drilled through the back of your head connecting to a tube in your mouth, ensuring that all smoke inhaled passes harmlessly out the back of your head without ever reaching your lungs. Combine this with nicotine patches.
pottedstu, Nov 21 2001

       who was it (minor celeb, I think) who became briefly notable for continuing to smoke through his trachy tube in his throat? Or was that fiction.

Non-smoker since Feb 2001.
lewisgirl, Nov 21 2001

       Uh-oh, Giblet. Pro-smoking idea. Even if it is rather ironic, I foresee many fishbones in your future. Never mind. When all the non-smoker (carnivores) start dropping dead of BSE and the rest of them fry their brains from over-using their mobile phones, or become diabetics from too much sugar in their diet, or have stress-related heart attacks, or just die of the thousand other things that cause non-smokers to _die every day_, we'll be laughing. In between the hacking coughs.
Guy Fox, Nov 21 2001

       [pottedstu]: 'Combine this with nicotine patches.' So that, even if lung cancer is avoided, you still keep the addiction.
[lg]: By a nice coincidence, last evening I watched a film called 'Dead Again' which included Andy Garcia doing just what you mention. It occurs somewhere in X-Files as well, IIRC.
Non-smoker since 18/01/1991.
angel, Nov 21 2001

       I used to be a tobacco smoker myself (July 1, 1999). This idea is not meant to be a pro smoker idea, as I cherish my pinker then before windbags.   

       I chuckle when I see people huddling in the rain outside _just_to_smoke_.   

Giblet, Nov 22 2001


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