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Nebulizer cup washer

A small countertop based washer.
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I use nebulizers on a regular basis, but I don't like to wash them in-between every use, although I feel that I must in order to keep them sanitary, before I will use them again.

My idea is to make small stand alone washing machine (about the size of a toaster oven), to be set on a counter top and plugged into the wall. It would have a removable basket in it, that the nebulizer cups would fit into but be able to move around a little. It would also have a small removable water canister that can be refilled when empty. It would have different water jets that spin around and such, and an internal water heater to help kill bacteria, and also an internal soap dispenser. Most of the water used would be re-circulated to save water.

This would also work with small dishes like, 5 mugs, or couple plates/bowls or, some utensils etc.

So, many people could use this, not just people with nebulizers.

And people like me would do their treatments as often as they're supposed to.

BJS, Jun 19 2006

Would this help [BJS]? http://www.babyworl...ers/sterilisers.htm
[methinksnot, Jun 19 2006]

This one for sure. http://www.carocelle.com/
This link brought to you courtesy of [startep]. [startep], for when you think google just won't cut it. 1-900-startepsearch [methinksnot, Jun 19 2006]

Singleton dishwasher by [kbecker] Single_20Dishwasher
Includes [startep]'s link [methinksnot, Jun 19 2006]

One type of nebulizer cup. http://www.allergya...rodImages/N1460.JPG
This is what I use mostly, but I usually use two or three in one sitting along with another type of nebulizer cup. [BJS, Jun 20 2006]


       Great for baby bottles also.+
zeno, Jun 19 2006

       BJS - I think there are small washing machines in existance but not this small + even if there are.
xenzag, Jun 19 2006

       [BJS], have a look at the links I have just added. Hopefully you will be able to find what you are looking for.
methinksnot, Jun 19 2006

       I would use that for my coffee cup.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 20 2006


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