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MAD Fold-In Billboard

Just like in the back of the mag, but 100x bigger
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We've all seen rotating billboards with the triangular column design, and we've all seen LCD ones, etc...

I'd love to see companies start putting out billboards in the theme of the MAD Fold-In. This might require more mechanics incorporated into the sign than usual, but I think it'd be worth it.

I guess rather than actually -folding- the ad, the two ends that make up the final picture could just slide in together overtop of the middle.

Al Jaffee will be rolling in the dough.

Wes, Mar 19 2001

MAD: Fold this Book http://www.amazon.c...107-0686836-5894121
A collection by Al Jaffee [Wes, Mar 19 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Actually, it's not as difficult to do IF it is done using the 'Vertical Blind' Billboards. those billboards have...Image 1=comment, 2=mystery, 3=statement/punchline. Pretty much the same thing you have in mind without the necessity of banging and clanging giant apparatus.
thumbwax, Mar 19 2001

       :::Nice one Wes::
iuvare, Mar 19 2001

       Yeah, but without the banging and clanging apparatus, it's not nearly as interesting...
StarChaser, Mar 20 2001

       I'm with you, StarChaser. A -true- fold-in would actually fold, but a compromise with a sliding one uses up so much less space, and requires a lot less moving pieces.
Wes, Mar 20 2001

       Yeah Wes, it really is a good concept. I've thought of this before, but it just seemed too weighty a proposition in terms of energy consumption, noise and upkeep. But what do I know, as Bio/Geographically, I'm in L.A. (therefore, I'm an idiot)... I drive down Sunset Strip [(in)famous for billboards] 5 nights a week at least once and see all types of advertising media, currently there are 2 outdoor Giant Screens, 1 outdoor multidirectional- all Midsizes and 1 indoor Giant, along with Building-sized 'wallpaper' and endless varieties of Ticker and 'Blinds' as well as Funky Rectangular Billboards. Nothing actually does what you have described... Obviously, The apparatus would need to be papered on both sides of the 2 outer panels and on the front side of the double-sized inner panel. The Devil Is In The Details. Best Part about it...It also keeps the pigeons away.
thumbwax, Mar 20 2001

       bait the pigeons to the inside of the fold... *clank, clank, splush*
absterge, Mar 20 2001

       Hmmmmm..... on exploding vs. squishing, I think I'm going to have to go with squishing. Just so the entire ad isn't covered by pigeon guts, there'll have to be some hidden squeegees on the overlapping boards that clean up that mess.   

       Wouldn't it be ironic if the billboard were for the World Wildlife Fund?
Wes, Mar 20 2001

       "...I drive down Sunset Strip [(in)famous for billboards] 5 nights a week at least once..."   

       And do you drive back down it 1 day a week at least five times?
iuvare, Mar 20 2001

       Yeah, what Peter said.
thumbwax, Mar 20 2001

       Might be better in an urban setting where traffic is slower. On the highway, one might pass it by too fast to see both messages.   

       As for the pigeon concept. Why not coat the billboard in an adhesive designed to attract (via smell) the birds? Make it an advertisement for the local modern art museum. Or a giant Rorschach test selling psychiatric services ("What do _you_ see?").
phoenix, Aug 13 2001

       'A metric ton of pigeon crap.'
StarChaser, Aug 13 2001

       I can only imagine what it would be like if it was a playboy advert. "Fold here, fold here, WAHOO!"
barnzenen, Jan 04 2002

       This is a great concept for an interactive online ad. By getting the consumer to drag the image ends in to meet the arrows in the center, a whole new message could be displayed.   

       Appealing, interactive and doable!
RobGraham, Jan 04 2002

       How about having two stationary billboards positions so that as the viewer's vantage point shifts one will cover the other by a different amount. Depending upon the other terrain and buildings, this could be made quite effective.
supercat, Feb 14 2004


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