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profiled billboard

surfaces arrange posters by size
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Blind walls with posters usually are a mess. One kind of poster announcing a concert or something is repeated a few dozen times.

Give this wall a profile according to the shapes of posters, ranging from the small home-made A4 ones with the typical 'who found my cat?' outcries to the extremely big 'live concert in the Arena' professional posters.

The A4 surfaces stick out 10 centimeter, the 4A0 formats are burried inside the wall a few centimeters.

With a design like this, the 'users' of such a blind wall are forced to put their posters exactly there where we want them.

The arrangement of sizes is determined by the other users of the wall, the passers by. Pedestrians see the A4 posters on eye level, while the 4A0 posters are also on foot level and high up on the wall, visible for motorists. With A3 posters between the waist and raised hand range. That size is best for repetition, so there are more of those.

rrr, Dec 25 2003

International Standard Paper Sizes http://www.cl.cam.a...gk25/iso-paper.html
explains the ISO paper size concept [rrr, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

messy posters http://www.dma.be/p/MRM/mr02/wildplak.jpg
just an illustration of undesirable posters now [rrr, Oct 04 2004]

a quick draft http://reinder.rust...l/fun/billboard.jpg
just a very quick draft, I haven't thought about the arrangement, dimensions nor did I manage to make a 3D impression [rrr, Oct 04 2004]


       The design for this wall will be so special that it will attract attention. Especially if there are new posters every day. This attention will attract posters. If these walls are put up as a public service on strategic places, less will be glued to other people's property. Hopefully.
rrr, Dec 25 2003

       humanbean, could you give us the coordinates of your utopia?
rrr, Dec 25 2003


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