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Neighborhood wireless

Hopefully the halfbakery will be around when this is baked
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Wireless networks. My computer sees many of them. Who are these people? They are my neighbors, that's who. But in these days of commuting and agnosticism, how to know them? What unites us in common purpose? Even newspapers have gone by the wayside. The neighborhood is an archipelago of islands, each surrounded by ravenous krakens.

In the spirit of neighborliness I propose Neighborhood Wifi. It woudl go up on a house or high spot in a yard. People in the vicinity would have free access. The endeavor would be supported by local merchants and others who would relish the chance to advertise to their geographic area without putting fliers on doorsteps. It is this advertising and communal consumption which would unify us, as everyone would see the 4-for-1 taco bulletin at the same time and walk down the street to the taco shop at the same time.

bungston, Jun 17 2013


lurch, Jun 18 2013

       Interesting idea. I assume this would serve up a single web site with multiple pages, but with no connection to the internet. It would also be easy enough to make the same site available on the internet as well, but primarily meant for use by local residents while they are traveling.
scad mientist, Jun 19 2013

       Thanks a lot...now I want a taco.
normzone, Jun 19 2013


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