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Musical Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
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I had this idea when I failed to secure tickets to a Nine Inch Nails concert. I wished there was some way to, well, somehow get secured a spot in line. And since I'm a gamer, I thought, hmm, what if there was a way to somehow win tickets in a virtual world?

The game's content, lore, artwork, and sounds would be based on the bands who participate. Because of the bands involved have explicit lyrics, the game would be rated "M" or whatever, and thus, some aspects of the game will have graphic violence, drug use, nudity, etc.

Naturally, a robust chat system will be employed, and players will be encourages to meet up at concerts, etc.

The game would be divided into several "zones". Different zones would be themed to different bands. The players would be sent on "quests", both for the earning of cash and "points", the points can be applied towards buying tickets to concerts, or at least getting a chance to buy said tickets.

Armor will be much more complex than armor in a standard game. Many more armor slots will exist. Most games have only earrings, this game will have several piercings. Also, players can get tattoos which will grant them bonuses.

PVP is a must for this game. A variety of duels should be made available-- duels between the characters in full gear, duels where both characters are "stripped", and thus are on equal terms, and must win on skill alone, duels based on mind-only games, etc. Time-consuming duels can even be bet upon. Duels can be fought in the name of bands, so one champion can fight for the honor of Metallica, and another can fight in the name of A Perfect Circle.

Duels with a sizeable wager involved will have start times and winners announced server-wide.

How the points apply to given bands is up to the bands, and is subject to change, based on supply&demand, the venue, etc. It may take 20 points to reserve a ticket to see a concert in Milwaukee, but 10,000 to reserve a ticket in New York, or whatever.

Madai, Mar 07 2005


       I see no reason why not. [+]
david_scothern, Mar 07 2005


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