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Massively Multiplayer Online Jigsaw Puzzle
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A website that allows jigsaw puzzle solvers to cooperate to put together ginormous puzzles consisting of millions of pieces. To make things more fun, players would be rated by the % of the puzzle area completed.
ixnaum, Mar 30 2008

Somewhat multiplayer online jigsaw puzzle http://lunchtimers....igsaw&roomid=medium
Yikes, this thing is addictive. [jutta, Mar 31 2008]

some possible mega pictures for the puzzles http://haltadefinizione.deagostini.it/en/
...although I really like the Jigsaw Earth idea too [ixnaum, Mar 31 2008]


       I like it! I'd try it. [+] even though it's odd. Maybe not millions of pieces, though, unless it's just a super-massive picture.
TahuNuva, Mar 31 2008

       [+] This is a great idea and I don't even like jigsaw puzzles.
bneal27, Mar 31 2008

       So... can I log in and steal one piece until everyone else has run out?
Giblet, Mar 31 2008

       \\a super-massive picture\\ How about something like Jigsaw Earth?   

       Has anybody seen the piece shaped kinda like a kidney bean? I think it's Tierra Del Fuego.   

       Giblet - stop chewing on Greenland!
Canuck, Mar 31 2008

       The shapes of the pieces are likely to make for some heated debates in the former Yugoslavia area.
RayfordSteele, Mar 31 2008

       The puzzle appears in overview format when you log in; when you select a puzzle piece from the "box," you assume the form of that piece, hovering over the puzzle surface and navigating in a high angle third-person view. You control altitude as well as directional movement, so you can go way up high to get a better perspective, then dive down to the deck and zoom around like a hovercraft looking for the right space. When you correctly fit the piece, you "respawn" as another one. Meanwhile, all the other players, navigating thier own pieces, are flying all around you in realtime.   

       [Ray]: In that part of the world, all of the puzzle pieces are the same shape & color, and they've all hated each other for hundreds of years.
Alterother, Apr 01 2008

       [jutta]: I'm blaming you for 15 minutes that I'll never get back.   

       (That lunchtimers jigsaw is fun - with a twist of pseudo-competition about it too)
Jinbish, Apr 01 2008

       //blaming you for 15 minutes//   

       I'm just realising the tremendous irony that is inherent in blaming [jutta] for 15 minutes of procrastination due to a link on the Halfbakery...
Jinbish, Apr 01 2008


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