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Massively Multiplayer Offline Game

Playing an MMO without internet
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This idea is about an MMO game that is meant to be played offline, instead of playing against people all over the world you don't know, you play against randomly generated bots, but you can also socialize and team up with these bots, and it would play just like any other MMO game, but offline.

The benefits would be that you would be able to play an MMO game without having to worry about server problems, shutdowns, connection problems, automatic updates, online DRM and some others, though it could still have local multiplayer and LAN.

appdirect, Jan 15 2015

So real you can feel it http://surre.al/
That's the goal [theircompetitor, Jan 15 2015]

Rival Theory's AI engine http://rivaltheory.com/
[theircompetitor, Jan 15 2015]


       What about the witty repartee? Pretty soon you would have heard all the game has to offer. One benefit is that the bots can actually be fabulously beautiful, instead of really being homely folks choosing to appear fabulously beautiful.
bungston, Jan 15 2015

       We've been building a pretty sophisticated AI to manage NPCs (non player characters) but there are limits to this strategy, at least until Skynet arrives. A very fun idea, nicely explored by Stephenson in The Diamond Age is the notion of human takeover of bots based upon need -- of course this is to deal with AI shortcomings and not connectivity issues.   

       See the link for my MMO, and if you have more than a passing interest in really serious AIs, check out Rival Theory's website
theircompetitor, Jan 15 2015

       I hope these bots will help users get over fear of rejection from real humans... This is potentially horrifying because it could make WoW even more addictive.
sninctown, Jan 17 2015

       Sounds like a blockbuster movie script to me. Get the right actors and director. And of course some lovable bots.
popbottle, Jan 18 2015

       There was a great Outer Limits (the new series) where a guy who had survived some apocalypse had his living quarters peopled with AI holograms. But he was a jerk and the AIs started just interacting with each other and ignoring him.
bungston, Jan 18 2015


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