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MMO User Content

Enrich MMO worlds with user generated content
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MMO worlds can be sparsely populated, grind heavy places at times. Here are some halfbaked ideas to help flesh them out.

1) Imagine a world where you have the ability to generate quests by using characters and resources that you have built up. For example: you build up a character and decide to make a quest. The character's level, items, etc. are the resources that you have available to build the quest with. When the quest is implemented, the character becomes an npc and possibly a permanent fixture of the game world.

2)You have the ability to log in as a monster. When you first log in, you have the option to choose between a few low level monsters, but if your monster is successful at making a kill, you will be given the option to upgrade to the next tier of monsters. This idea could be combined with the first one to enable you to build quests with monsters.

Essentially, you would have three different clients (DM, Character, and Monster) that work together to build a richer MMO experience.

pppporkins, Oct 16 2010

MMO original meaning http://www.musicminusone.com/
Now on CD [csea, Oct 18 2010]


       This is an ingenious idea and addresses a much-needed gap in the market.   

       What's an MMO?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 16 2010

       MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online (Game). The G is silent.
pppporkins, Oct 17 2010

       why not make it a craigslist/ second life type thing. Where people can do real life quests for brownie points and warm fuzzy feelings
metarinka, Oct 17 2010


       And here I was thinking it was MMOWG... Massively Multiplayer Online Wankfest Grouping. I've never seen an MMO game with any actual roleplay to earn it the RP designation to go along with the G.
In No Particular Order, Oct 18 2010

       MMO used to mean Music Minus One, a cool way to practice a musical solo with accompaniment provided on LP (Long Playing Vinyl 33rpm phono-) records. [link]
csea, Oct 18 2010

       unfortunately playing a monster would give one an accurate realization as to how nerfed they usually really are... [+]
FlyingToaster, Oct 18 2010

       The idea is baked, I forget where but I remember something like this.   

       However the implementation your describing sounds like fun and I don't think it's been done (excuse the rhyme). I like the monster idea, reverse role play is awesome but rare. (+)   


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