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A financephalograph in every home
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The MONIAC (a.k.a. the financephalograph) was an hydraulic computer, designed and built by engineer-turned-economist Bill Phillips in 1949.

Every home should have one!

Made of standardised items (pumps, tubes, valves, buckets), which can be mounted in a grid framework and plugged together. Sure, you can build Systems Dynamics models online at insightmaker.com, but where's the element of family fun? splashing water, whirring pumps, kinaesthetic joy.

sofacrat, May 20 2015

MONIAC on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia...iki/MONIAC_Computer
Invented by a New Zealander (of course) [sofacrat, May 20 2015]

MONIAC on YouTube https://www.youtube...watch?v=FeFwyWcIHts
Reserve Bank of NZ has a working model [sofacrat, May 20 2015]




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