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my first URL

Toy blocks for the net-literate toddler
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Set of six, carved, painted wood (child-safe paint), resembling the regularly available ones as closely as possible); letters : ~ / w . -

They're intended to "upgrade" an existing set of a-z toy blocks.

jutta, Aug 22 1999


       There is one master block which contains a wireless communications system, while the other blocks merely indicate their orientation relative to one another. The master block continually updates a web page showing how the blocks are arranged.
jimfl, Jan 06 2000

       They already do it with math symbols -- why not URL symbols.   

       Perhaps have whole "words", such as "//", "http","www", "com","net","org","gov", etc., and "ca" for the Canadian set.   

       A good way to educate children about how the internet works.
eagle, Jul 19 2000

       My first area code.   

       My first old style (0 or 1 in middle position) area code.   

       My first ham radio callsign.   

       My first assumed name.   

       My first proprietary character string.   

       The first zip code in which I own real property.   

       The first zip code in which I own imaginary property.   

       My socialist insecurity number.   

LoriZ, Jun 20 2001

       For the older child:   

       My first car license plate   

       My first girlfriends phone number   

       My first bill for one round of drinks in england   

kaz, Jan 26 2002

       mY FiRSt bYte
... Now I know my 01100001, 01100010, 01100011's
thumbwax, Jan 27 2002

       My first prison number
etherman, Mar 21 2005

       And for the Aussies living in english-speaking foreign countries:   

       My first Skippy imitation   

       My first length of expletives after realising how damn expensive everything is around here.   

       My first addess book of phone numbers from people I met at youth hostel.
froglet, Mar 21 2005

       my first line in a bad soap opera   

       <followed by>   

       my first bad pop record title
etherman, Mar 21 2005

       my first list.
dentworth, Mar 21 2005

       I was actually hoping it would be a website building tool for small children but I guess "Yahoo WebTemplates" already has that baked...
submitinkmonkey, Mar 21 2005

       I like what [jimfl] said, although it would be nice if they showed either their own position on a website, or, if you managed to place them in a valid URI configuration, it would browse to that page. (naturally you've got a kid safe filter installed if you want one).
neilp, Mar 22 2005


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