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MP3 Albums

Instead of releasing greatest hits cds, bands release MP3 players
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I think that bands are releasing too many greatest hits albums. Many bands have multiple Greatest Hits CD's as well as multiple-disk Greatest Hits. What I propose is that the artists release all of their songs onto an MP3 player.

This player will have all the songs by them, and can be seperated by title, album, and year. (I think year should belong, right?) You can create playlists/do not playlists (for songs you do not want to hear, they will be omitted and basically its like they are deleted, though you can remove them from this list and put it back into circulation.) on the go and there is a shuffle/random function. It is a basic mp3 player without any editing capabilities. There is no way to connect it to the computer to add or remove songs. It will run on normal batteries rather than rechargeable ones to keep the cost low.

The reason I believe this will be a better marketting strategy than selling CD's is because CD's are becoming an endangered species. Sure, there are plenty CD's, but there are many online music stores opening up, and there is a great amount of pirated music. There are hundreds of MP3 players on the market and CD sales are decreasing. By selling MP3 players they do not have to worry about people sharing their music through file transfer programs and it would be something that younger people would like to have. (Rather than feeling out of place with a walkman.)

I have thought about this for a long time, and there have been a few reasons why I refrained from posting this. First off is that CD's are primarily bought to play in the car and in stereos. Now, though, there are many steroes out there that come with a headphone cord attached, so all you have to do is simple plug it into the headphone jack on your MP3 player and you can hear the songs over the speakers. Also I have found that some cars have these as well, and if not people can modify the car to include this feature. The only upside that CD's have is that the music can be ripped from that and be put onto mass storage media players, like iPods.

In conclusion, I believe that there is big potential in bands selling mp3 players with all of their music in there, no data manipulation possible, and cool skin for it to boot. They should still sell greatest hit cds though, for the "old fashioned people", collectors, or for people who would not walk around with two mp3 players and would rather rip the music onto their ipod.

Voodoo721, Oct 14 2006

Apple iPod U2 special edition https://web.archive....apple.com/ipod/u2/
Like this, but cheaper and closed? [jutta, Oct 16 2006, last modified Aug 31 2022]

Kanye West: Donda (2021) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stem_Player
The follow-up, Donda 2, was exclusively released on that platform in 2022. [jutta, Jan 27 2023]


       [sp] stereo.   

       Is the idea to sell pre-loaded mp3 players to prevent piracy? Neutral right now because I am not sure where you are trying to go with this.
augusta, Oct 14 2006

       That is one of the issues, and that CD's are getting obsolete. They only reason I still support CD production is they you can get the music from them onto your mp3 players. If there was a way to get the songs from the mp3 album to other mp3 players without them being able to be shared illegally, then I would find no use for Cd's at all and mp3 albums would be ideal. Hope that is a clear answer for you.
Voodoo721, Oct 14 2006

       This might sell and is, to a certain degree, an inevitable trend. I've voted against it because it generates unneeded toxic high-tech junk by coupling hardware and software.
jutta, Oct 16 2006


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