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MP3 support for different play paths through an audio track
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Sequential play of audio and video is a side effect of the limitations of historical media. Digital formats facilitate the random or programmed selection of different play paths of a track - offering an entirely different (possibly random) and unique experience for the listener.

Could also be applied to MPEG or other video formats, possibly more effectively - to offer alternative endings for films; or films that are simply different stories every time you choose to watch them.

It would be nice if there was a 'standard' version of a track, so you could listen to or watch something definitive. The option to save a random programme should also be given - and shouldn't be too onerous to implement in terms of storage or capability. Remixes and different versions of a track can be offered by simply storing a different program for the track and the accompanying track additions.

ThomasEdison, Jun 27 2007




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