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musical doll chair

easy interface music player
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Little kids like to listen to specific songs that they hear, but if they can't read, you have to make playlists for them and cue them up on demand, usually about ten times a day.

I would like a decent-quality music player for kids that uses dolls as the storage medium. It would look like a little upholstered Queen Anne chair.

When the doll is sitting in the chair, the playlist stored in the doll will play when you press her hand.

Happy doll for up songs, sad doll for sad songs, latin-looking doll with the red dress for dance songs, clown for silly songs.

nomocrow, Jan 02 2007


       Nice. One thinks with a pair of scissors, an ipod, and a couple of spare speakers you could russle this up yourself in about 10 minutes!!   

britboy, Jan 02 2007


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