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Mouth/Bone Mike

Mixes air and bone conduction at the mouth area
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This Idea is fairly similar to the "headbone mike" that was posted a few years ago (linked).

However, there is a problem with the fundamental facts that other Idea uses as background info. When you speak, only about 1/3 of the sound you hear arrives at the ears via bone conduction. The other 2/3 arrives via sound waves in the air.

So, to REALLY let others hear you the way you hear yourself, you need a microphone that catches both types of sound waves (thus the above title), and combines them, before sending them out to be recorded (or to a speaker system).

Vernon, Jan 19 2012

headbone mike headbone_20mike
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Jan 19 2012]

Newer Version Cranial_20Microphone_20System
Alas, it appears I've copied my own old Idea [Vernon, Jan 20 2016]


       Sp: 'mic'   

       It's a good start. [+]
Alterother, Jan 19 2012

       I'm guessing the speed of sound in bone is different from the speed of sound in air so you always hear yourself with a sort of 'reverb' effect which makes your voice sound a bit richer and more resonant than it really is.
hippo, Jan 19 2012

       how much bone is around the mouth? not a lot...
po, Jan 19 2012

       This might my favorite [Vernon] idea.
RayfordSteele, Jan 19 2012

       Sound travels much faster in solids than in air. I don't know the figures for bone, but in steel it can travel up to nineteen times faster.   

       A digital delay in the channel mixing would obviate the reverb problem.
Alterother, Jan 19 2012

       [po], "mouth/bone" isn't the same as "mouthbone". I'm not specifying which bone should be tapped for sound extraction.
Vernon, Jan 19 2012


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