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MST3K commercial commentary service

Get a good idea of how really stupid those people are
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If you yourself can't see how dumb the television ads have gotten (and have always been), you can subscribe to Tom Servo, Crow T., Joel and/or Michael's service to pop up in silhouette every time commercials start (or why not whenever you want?!) and tell you the obvious and not-so-obvious.
cowtown, May 06 2003

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       I'd pay for that service for all of my channels and commercials.
sartep, May 06 2003

       Can we bring 'em here?
ato_de, May 07 2003

       I must be one of those stupid people, I have no idea what you are talking about, please explain a little bit more.
Trodden, May 07 2003

       I presume [cowtown] mean these silhouttes point out daft things in the adverts such as kitchens tend to be unfeasibly big (to associate products with wealth) and the way the camera can be out of kilter in loan adverts until someone follows a satisfied customer's advice to take the loan.
Aristotle, May 07 2003

       I'd watch a whole lot more television if this was baked...
oatcake, May 07 2003

       Mystery Science Theater 3000, I would guess. Sardonic (and generally hilarious) voice-overs of inane sci fi B movies.   

       Does this count as a me-too?
DrCurry, May 07 2003

       This semi-baked good is somewhat an "in" joke, since not a lot of people get the Mystery Sciemce Theater 3000 references, but our family watches TV with the very same point of view, so their broader knowledge base would benefit our entertaining back-talk (to the screen that won't listen).
cowtown, May 08 2003

       Oddly enough, I just last night saw "Pop Up Commercials". Pop Up Video is the MST of VH1, pouring wonderfully sarcastic scorn on the music videos of yesterday and today.   

       Only problem was, there was only little scorn and no sarcasm to speak of. My guess is either they ditched the original writing team, or MTV didn't want to bite the hand that feeds it. I suspect your MST version would suffer the same problem.
DrCurry, May 09 2003

       Not only would I pay for this, it might even inspire me to use the television for something other than a giant computer monitor. Bravo!
dstillz, May 09 2003

       I'd pay for this as if it were a full-fledged premium channel. Awesome :)
phundug, May 09 2003

       What a wonderful idea! Heres a question for ya tho- would they dub over the commercial once or comment on it several times? Even so, it may be funny for a second, and perhaps a few for even longer, but after a while you grow immune to all the pre-recorded comments and it just gets wrapped up as a repeated "used to be funny" commericial. Good idea though...
Ravenium, Oct 12 2003


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