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The Ad Gap Channel

Alternate entertainment when the commercials come on.
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The Ad Gap Channel is a 24 hour continuous broadcasting channel designed to combat boredom and frustration during commercial breaks by providing bite-size pieces of entertainment.

The channel does not feature any "shows" as such, but it is practically a stream of stock footage and bits of full length television shows, video clips, documentaries and movies designed to be quick and low impact.

This format also is designed not to "suck you in" like switching from one show to another might do.

mrkillboy, Feb 14 2001

Very similar idea. http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Flip_20TV
[jutta, Feb 14 2001]

Televised News Broadcast part II http://www.brightid...946F443}&bucket_id=
Yet another contaminant from the brightidea MLM [LoriZ, Feb 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Open Source... Television? http://slashdot.org...id=02/03/22/1726221
The show would be freely (as in beer) distributable, to hopefully keep bandwidth costs down. And it would also be freely (as in speech) modifiable, since he would also be releasing the "source" or raw footage of the show. [LoriZ, Mar 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I like this idea...little one or two minute timefillers that would give you something to do between shows. I don't channel flip, and I HATE it when people do that, but going to one channel then back would be tolerable...
StarChaser, Feb 16 2001

       Oh come on--this would destroy the whole concept of channel surfing. The only joy I get from watching tv is cutting off commercials while I hop from channel to channel seeking something new and interesting.
coaster, Feb 16 2001


       Why is it that people with no clue about something feel it necessary to shout 'Get a life!' whenever something pricks their little worldview?   

       Destroying the concept of channel surfing is a GOOD thing. I hate watching 30 seconds each of 10 different shows and not having any idea what's going on. I don't watch much TV, in large part from spending time living with my father, but what I do watch I want to see and am willing to tolerate a commercial or two occasionally.
StarChaser, Feb 18 2001

       Keep a humor book or a book of really short stories on hand when you watch TV. Or a longer book, if you are the type that gets "sucked in" by books less than TV.
badoingdoing, Feb 18 2001

       When Comedy Central first came out it played 30 second clips of standup comedians. (Now that I think about it, MTV used to play music videos...they were pretty good for fitting into commercial breaks.)
blahginger, Feb 19 2001

       Ah, caps lock. The crayons of the internet.
StarChaser, Mar 17 2001

       If you don't like TV nil, you don't have to watch it...
BertieWooster, Jul 22 2001

       nil, though it appears you are long absent and perhaps - due for an account deletion to conserve precious time and space, I've got 5 minutes to kill.
StarChaser is an longtime inmate of this asylum with a longer sentence, reach and perhaps, another thing than you may realize.
The only TV I watch is informative, unless it is an extremely good film. For instance, a remake of "In Cold Blood" is on right now, and I am not watching it. Someone else in my household is - to compare it with the Original. I've had 2 cars with bumper stickers which read "Kill Your TV". I/We realize what Commercial TV is based upon, a_n_d I know more about what is happening in Hollywood/New York Commercial/Theatrical Biz than you can possibly imagine. For instance, there has been quite a battle in Screen Actors Guild to depose of Melissa Gilbert due to her irresponsible approach on behalf of Union Members as their representative voice - she made concessions to Ad Agencies/Studios to allow Direct corrolation between Product and Plot. Far too lengthy a topic to cover here, as I am not Vernon - who is a verbose 'baker with whom you would be unable to maintain a dialogue. His IQ a_n_d common sense a_n_d sense of mutual respect like mine, StarChasers, and every other 'baker who can be accounted for do in fact, far exceed what you perceive to be a Revelation heretofore beknownst only to yourself. Obviously, you chose the correct nic.
thumbwax, Mar 24 2002

       I love the over 1 year gap between [nil]'s last comment and [TW]'s response. Asynchronous communications in action.
bristolz, Mar 24 2002

       // You need to understand that Television exists in the first place TO SELL YOU STUFF //   

       Not true for all TV -- at least, where I live it's not.   

JKew, Mar 24 2002

       I thought it was America that existed purely to sell you stuff, not TV.
brewmaster, Mar 25 2002


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