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Sex Sells

But what kind of sex?
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It is a given that broadcasters want to further tailor the advertising they are sending your way.

The idea here, perhaps more properly placed in the public:evil category, is to have the cable company monitor, and inform advertisers of commercials that you click the channel on, versus the ones you choose to watch.

theircompetitor, Mar 24 2006

Nielsen to rate TV Ads http://today.reuter...A-NIELSEN-TVADS.xml
Guys, anything else you need, let me know [theircompetitor, Jul 11 2006]


       I clicked on this just because it said sex in the title. Only to find there was no sex in the body. Damn you!   

       Still, this is just the more democratic and capitalistic version of the Nielson ratings system. I feel the Nielson boxes are outdated, anyway. If Tivo can recomend new pornography and drama for me, then it can do this too.
notmarkflynn, Mar 24 2006

       I'm all for it. Why would I want to see adverts so bad that they actually make me want to change channel? This could raise the standard of adverts considerably.
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       Privacy doesnt't have to enter the equation, as they can simply aggregate the data, e.g. 75 percent clicked out of "Not your father's Oldsmobile", while 90 percent finished watching the Swedish Bikini Team
theircompetitor, Mar 24 2006

       See link -- Nielsen will be doing it
theircompetitor, Jul 11 2006


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