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Phantom Commercials

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It seems whenever I get a chance to watch the telly, during the commercial breaks, some banal new drama program is being advertised that I will never have the misfortune of watching. It occured to me that many of these programs may not actually exist - they are merely fanciful attempts into lulling me into a safe sense of security that the channel I am currently watching has in fact an interesting and varied selection of shows.

For a television station that cannot afford some of the expensive high rating pap, money can be spent wisely on shooting a series of commercials for non existent programs.

'Sheena was a no-good girl from the wrong side of the tracks - until she met Bob - and things turned from hot - to hotter.' 'Nordstrom's Crossing tuesdays at eight'

If a viewer remembers to tune in at eight, the program never actually airs and no record of it is found in any of the television guides. Nordstrom's Crossing is never heard of again, but the ad is replaced with another series of phantom commercials equally as banal.

benfrost, Dec 14 2004

Comedy Central's reality programming http://www.comedyce...m/tv_shows/reality/
Note the sub-links on this page no longer work, as this is not a current ad campaign. [krelnik, Dec 14 2004]

The show in the ad Naked_20women_20sho...20naughty_20monkeys
The search for shoes gets nasty when the monkeys step in.... [not_only_but_also, Dec 15 2004]


       Illegal but funny nonetheless.
EvilPickels, Dec 14 2004

       As little television as I watch [probably twenty hours a year] this would be great for me. I'd get the best of all the novel ideas, with none of the time lost.
normzone, Dec 14 2004

       Baked by US cable channel Comedy Central (of course intended to be humorous). It was intended as a counter to the reality TV boom, as most of the ads were for ridiculously odd reality shows like "Trading Babies". Each ended with a record scratching sound effect and the tagline "Get Real, watch Comedy Central". See link.
krelnik, Dec 14 2004

       I'm sure there are many ideas for TV shows here at the bakery that could be used for this purpose; ideas that would never make it to TV except in this format. [+]
Pericles, Dec 14 2004

       Phanton infers something that appears startling, supernatural, ghostly or remarkable; something your commercials or your insinuated television shows are not.
mensmaximus, Dec 14 2004

       Phanton: not a word. Infers: does not mean that.   

       Phantom implies... but no it doesn't.
swamilad, Dec 14 2004

       adj: Fictitious; nonexistent: 'phantom employees on the payroll.'
benfrost, Dec 14 2004

       Phantom...Ghost who walks...Man who cannot die....Mr Walker....   

       Other meanings now redundant.
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 14 2004

       [Swamilad] I speak subjectively from lab experience. A phanton is an intelligent photon, plural and singular at the same time. A word I notice that has eluded writters here for years. Information can therefore be inferred to it. You may know it as whirling dirvish, that thing that Richard Burton spoke to whenever he delivered one of his lines.   

       [Benfrost], a phontom voltage is induced into a second electronic circuit by proximity. EMF is not fictitious, it is either expanding or collapsing; sounds physical to me. See my 'concrete' phanton idea later today. I've been re-writing it for three days.
mensmaximus, Dec 14 2004

       whatever next, a non fictious Phlomtomph?
benfrost, Dec 14 2004


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