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MS Branded

Make it look like Excel
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Change the half-bakery to look like an Excel spreadsheet. That way I can spend more time on it without my boss getting suspicious.
mcscotland, Apr 18 2001

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       Or think of a reason to put the croissant in your actual spreadsheets, and make sure your boss notices.
hello_c, Apr 19 2001

       I was thinking about making up a style sheet that would do this; some vertical and horizontal lines, and some creative titling to use HB data in a spreadsheet-looking format... then if you were using IE you could just do the 'reformat using my style sheet' option... problem is, most of the formatting here is explicit (and I presume that is for the sake of browsers that don't like style sheets so much, eh jutta?)
absterge, Apr 20 2001

       ou could do this ENTIRELY in DHTML. If you had a spare year or so to debug it. Feel like a challange Jutta?
mcscotland, Apr 23 2001


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