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Mobile access to Halfbakery - and tweets ?
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Just that: an optimized mobile Halfbakery.

Oh and twitter access for comments.

Oh and perhaps a little Java Midlet (J2ME application) would also be great.

monojohnny, Feb 26 2009

Low-Fi http://www.halfbakery.com/lr
As per [Spacecoyote]'s tip [zen_tom, Feb 26 2009]

Halfbakery RSS View http://www.halfbake...20Votes:i=:t=recent
Paix120's HB RSS subscription. [paix120, Feb 26 2009]

TwitterFeed http://twitterfeed.com/
How I Tweet my favorite HB ideas from my shared Google Reader items RSS feed. [paix120, Feb 26 2009]


       I know there's a lo-fi version of the halfbakery, but I can't recall the URL for it.
Spacecoyote, Feb 26 2009

       Thanks, [zen]. Also take note that hb's filter thingy supports RSS.
Spacecoyote, Feb 26 2009

       From what I understand about twitter, I'd have to either post all halfbakery annotations and comments as twitter posts - and you'd get all of them, indiscriminately - or create a separate twitter user identity for each halfbakery user who wants to follow submissions. Both seem a bit excessive. Am I missing something?
jutta, Feb 26 2009

       Twitter?!! Jesus wept!
gnomethang, Feb 26 2009

       I've looked at & anno'd the 1/2B on my phone before. A lot of scrolling, but no big problems, I thought.
Zimmy, Feb 26 2009

       Everywhere is horrible except here. Why do all the other places have to have such poncy, resource-eating crap all over them? No, this place is fantastically well designed, and i've used it on a mobile with no probs at all apart from people telling me i should get a life, which i already know is a problem.
nineteenthly, Feb 26 2009

       I've subscribed to a HB search view in my RSS reader, then send my 'shared' items to Twitter using twitterfeed. You can set one up for anything you create an RSS feed for.   

       Though I agree, an official HB twitter acct would be nice (though possibly overwhelming, which is why mine is based on a search of only what I want to see).   

       I forgot what all of the parameters meant, but I added the one I subscribe to as a link here.
paix120, Feb 26 2009

       // Everywhere is horrible except here //   

       I agree: the site is clean and functional - exactly what you need IMHO...and thanks for the '/lr' link - works a treat.   

       Still would be nice to have a HB j2me application though....anyone?   

       So it would:   

       1. Store username/password. 2. Also pre-selection of favourite categories (and/or users): perhaps in a nice little collapsible GUI (similar to BBC News application). 3. Allow to you create HB ideas offline and upload them when you go online 4. Easy +,-,= buttons to vote.   

       Is there an 'API' on the backend of HB (A 'rest' API of somesort?) that would allow people to build this ? Are we allowed to hook into Half Bakery with other clients other than browsers?   

       Just thinking aloud...
monojohnny, Feb 27 2009

       I've used an RSS feed for this place before but i can't remember how.
nineteenthly, Feb 27 2009

       I'm not trying to be contrary, [monojohnny], and I'm sure a little phone front-end in J2ME would be fine and dandy. However, my first thoughts, in an ashamedly luddite way, were the following:   

       //1. Store username/password.//
Browsers can remember passwords.

       //2. Also pre-selection of favourite categories (and/or users)//
Browser bookmarks can do this.

       //3. Allow to you create HB ideas offline and upload them when you go online//
Notepad works fine.

       //4. Easy +,-,= buttons to vote.//
it's not about the voting.

       But if your heart was really set on it I'm sure you could come up with a basic HTML client program that parsed the HB code. I don't think you would need any back-end interface (oo-er!) other than the standard HTML get.
Jinbish, Feb 27 2009

       Yeah all true,but the little apps feel more responsive and the control is better-soft keys and menus in the right places. I use google mail - with the app and in the mobile browser, the former is much more satisfying. I'm just dreaming really. . . Since i bought a new phone :-)
monojohnny, Feb 27 2009


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