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MWI Tech

nested universes provide the reader with benefits
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Nested parallel universes, what are they good for?

Well, first the technology

The Many Worlds Interpretation of physics is a result of Schrodinger’s equation. Fairly recently about half of Nobel prizewinners supported MWI. Compressing the entire thing into one line this is described as every time a quantum event occurs another entire universe occurs to provide the alternative outcome of the event. Published material on the web suggests that this is 60*10^42 more parallel universes produced each minute.

I make an effort to figure out the right course of action. It thus became my cognitive responsibility to support or refute the MWI as well as be amused with the numerous solutions to all of humanity’s difficulties it presents.

First lets created nested parallel universes, we accomplish this when we use a gradual quantum effect that physically surrounds a more rapid quantum effect. A laser path doing an optical measurement that just happens to surround a radioactive atom is one way. The measurement progress of the laser quantum occurence can actually be gradually shifted from slower to faster than the radioactive quantum occurrence, thus creating a a physics mechanism where the light cone size of the event completely envelops the other, further, since we don’t know what we are doing, the quantum envelopment can oscillates back to the other. Doing this creates a MWI universe blend where the possibilities of the new universe depend on the still forming linked universe. One reason we might do this is because we are Trekkies that really value universes specifically created so that data as well as objects can travel between them. After all, if our universe creator were nice enough to create a multiuniverse nested geometry energy as well as matter movements between the near clonal universes would be readily technologized. Thus we are creating star trek tech friendly universes to benefit copies of our own sentiences.

The MWI solves most ethics problems, providing the Timely Opportunity Of The Commons(TOOTC). Lets say I am the CEO of the worlds largest soft drink company. Choosing the new COO I could pick a brilliant flavoring chemist that will actually make the products taste ultra superb, or I could just choose a brilliant corporate expansionist that will grow profits more rapidly. I could also give away the company to whoever appears at the sexygirls.com webcam next. Psychologists tell me that that the longer I dwell on any one of these options the more likely I am to choose that particular option. Thus as 60*10^42 identical giant soft drink companies are being created every minute I could spend 4/5 of my time pondering the flavoring chemist, with about a tenth each to the sexycam girl as well as the corporate expansionist. Then regardless of who I hire my ponder time has ensured Most universes have superbly flavored drinks at the collective multiverse. You can do anything you like, as long as you nearly make the right decision most of the time.

Now, is MWI authentic? Unfortunately I think MWI is just an amazing episode as physics progresses. Schrodinger’s equation only perfectly predicts the hydrogen atom, whilst also providing a base equation from which all the rest of physics can be developed. There are actually patents on algorithms that describe atomic structures more effectively than Schrodinger’s equation as a base.

Also, I have looked at the math where I think I see opportunities for complete redefinition (division algebras). Also, systems that produce massive hyperduplication are already with us. Notably, a person relaxing near water. Each spectral line of the sun, reflected off each microwave of water just happens to recombine with a reference beam of sunrays. The person is actually surrounded with numerous billions of really crummy holograms at differing frequencies, yet none of these is actually capable of thinking or moving on its own. Further the person is also surrounded with a better than perfect resolution 3d model of their own body surface. Water n air molecules with much smaller size than the gigantic protein molecules the person is made from perfectly mimic their 3d surface. The surface layer still is absent the capacity to move on its own.

It could certainly be that some equally bizarre version of MWI functions on hydrogen atoms alone, perhaps 60*10^42 copies of every hydrogen atom at the universe suddenly comes into being each minute, to create pure hydrogen copy universes, then these do their own unique thing reforming as gas blobs, perhaps going billions of years prior to forming heavier elements. A person with a really strange sense of humor could then create an all hydrogen automata at our universe knowing these nonsentient hydrogen groups would organize an entire all hydrogen universes however they were programmed to.

That’s the .5b technology Nested universes that give your MWI clones Star Trek physics, a timed solution to all “commons” opportunities, or the even weirder opportunity to make a automatically reproducing hydrogen plasma that completely automata forms the universe it is created into whatever you like.

tech note: Schrodingers equation only predicts monatomic Hydrogen accurately, thus almost with an exciting sense of divine justice only nonmolecular hydrogen is MWI compliant, If the hydrogen is part of a living carbon based being, it is copyless.

beanangel, Nov 29 2011

Unicorn Jelly http://www.unicornjelly.com/
Jennifer Diane Reitz is the first person I know of who suggested functional MWI technologies. [beanangel, Dec 06 2011]

Sluggy Freelance http://www.sluggy.com/
more nifty if you start at the beginning. a wide vartiety of fairly earnest MWI implications graphics. [beanangel, Dec 06 2011]


       [+] for the paragraph beginning //The MWI solves most ethics problems// Best WTF moment I've had all week. No idea if this makes sense, and don't care.   

       (You have read "All the Myriad Ways," right?)
mouseposture, Nov 29 2011

       // about half of Nobel prizewinners supported MWI// Yes, but that includes a large percentage of economists, peacemakers and writers.   

       //60*10^42 more parallel universes produced each minute// Do wha? Surely, the growth must be exponential rather than linear?   

       //Schrodingers equation only predicts monatomic Hydrogen accurately,// A hydrogen atom is like E. coli, only less so.   

       The whole MWI business is flawed, although not in the obvious way. It's all a lot simpler (in a complex way) when you realize that relativity goes further than spacetime. Quantum collapse is relative, not absolute. Likewise, the parallel universes of the MWI are not absolutely different (any more than two events can be said to be non-coincident in spacetime); the MW's are relative, and the differences between any two diverging universes depend intimately on the observer's viewpoint.   

       As soon as you realize this, and do the obvious bits of the maths, you can see how an effectively infinite number of universes can co-exist, and the numbers all become much more acceptable. It's analogous to thinking that two trees can be close together or right next to eachother - it just depends on the angle from which you view them. Plus, it turns out that you don't need all the extra dimensions of string theories and their brethren.   

       And you then find that quantum mechanics and relativity get unified in the process, in a fairly trivial ho-hummish way.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2011

       [mb] I appreciate your writing, Ive spent hours away from .5b thinking about your comments.   

       anyway, just to amp up the thing even more, noting that there are these new faster than light neutrinos a physicist right now could create nested MWI superliminal neutrino quantum effects with a plurality of superliminal neutrinos creating new nested universes where the entire originating event occured faster than the speed of light, possibly giving these new universes completely new different all faster than lightspeed physics.
beanangel, Nov 29 2011

       [beany] you're still thinking in terms of "nested" or in some way "independent" multiverses. It's all the same universe, just sliced in different ways, and with the plane of the slice curved in such a way that, from any perspective, all slice-planes converge at infinity. Hence, a so-called quantum divergence shifts the position of the "slice" locally but, at great enough distances (in space x time x diversity), the slices corresponding to the two "new" universes converge.   

       The slice-planes of course have to have a finite thickness in all dimensions, and hence two such planes actually overlap with eachother not at infinity (where they are exactly aligned), but at a relatively closer place.   

       This overlap region of course is where all the good quantummy stuff happens, and explains why the universe is grainy and has only limited computational power (ie, why things like time- energy or position-momentum are only approximated). With increasing distance (in space x time x diversity), the degree of overlap increases, approaching 1 x 1 x 1 at infinity.   

       We have a bias for the time dimension, so we are used to looking in only one direction of T along the curve; but in any case this slice-plane convergence accounts for the singularity at the "big bang". The big bang is at infinite T, but the local curvature makes it appear much closer, a finite time ago.   

       Because the curvature of the slice-plane depends on the observer's position, the big bang actually looks equally long ago and equally point-like in space regardless of where you stand in T. A hundred billion years from year (forward or backward), an observer will still find that the big bang happened 14 billion years ago.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2011

       Well that was certainly a conversation stopper.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2011


       I hereby cite myself.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2011

       //Well that was certainly a conversation stopper//   

       Only from your point of view. From other points of view this has been the most succesful HB posting ever and has gone viral to the point of inifinity.   

       (Seriously, it is pretty cool and gives one lots to think about)
AusCan531, Nov 30 2011

       //Surely, the growth must be exponential// Interesting question. Are there cul de sac realities, i.e. some branches of the tree terminate in universes where no more wavefunctions collapse ever again? If so, then the growth might be exponential at first, and slow down later. Is observation required for wavefunction collapse? There will certainly be some universes where there are no longer any observers.   

       And what happens if two alternate universes arise which are identical? Are they the same universe, or two identical universes? The question seems undecidable, and parsimony favors the first -- which would further slow the rate of growth of the multiverse.
mouseposture, Nov 30 2011

       [mouseposture] actually my major MWI sources are Unicorn Jelly, Sluggy Freelance, New scientist, Wikipedia Jennifer Diane Reitz is the first person I know of who suggested functional MWI technologies. After reading Sluggy Freelance a while I tried to think up ways to create any of the technologies described The dimensional flux agitator pretty much is the thing Not that I know how to make one, the idea of the nested chronospaces of photonic with radioactive quantum, how these can be synchronized, then the fields around them measured to find variation or anisotropy is part of making the MWI verifiable
beanangel, Dec 06 2011

       //Unicorn Jelly// Ah, that accounts for it, then.
mouseposture, Dec 06 2011

       There was kind of a pre MWI version from the 20th century I was wondering what a simplest computation machine like a turing machine could do if it could send one or two photon or electrons back in time basically could you recalculate the contents of register repeatedly with a couple time rebeing electrons to produce what was just a couple transistors worth of chronocomputer to simulate an entire huge parallel computer. kinda like "turing machine simulates any computer, what is the least amount of chrono electron motion sufficient to create any arbitrarily large computation instantly" If the new neutrinos have chronoeffects a computer that produces vast data structures from just a few active preneutrino effects may be built
beanangel, Dec 06 2011

       All bollocks of course. There may be (and probably are) multiple universes or, as is more probable, simply another dimension that we can't perceive with a smooth, or smooth for all intents and purposes, transition between states.   

       But if lightspeed really is a limiting factor then another universe (or vector) won't pop up all'round the place immediately just because a baryon out in Arcturus sneezes both left and right.   

       Likewise, according to the post, that presupposes that there's no equivalent of gravity between universes: parallel universes could be squished together if the quantum event is of little consequence. Alternatively, if the force is repulsion instead of attraction, unlike parallel universes could also be squished together by repulsion from their near-clones.
FlyingToaster, Dec 06 2011


       Just, ow.
Once I made it as far as Radix point I,
there it goes again.

       Shroud of Turing-test?   

       I upped the reward. A physics based MWI test is now on fiverr.
beanangel, Dec 23 2016

       How big would the "ALL" be if there were full real infinite universes through or next to each other. The walls between universes would have to be water tight or there would be more magic in this universe.   

       My overall feeling is that they are more likely to be shaddow universes. A ghosting of real universe.
wjt, Dec 23 2016


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