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New physics generator

The higgs boson confers mass The antihiggs boson confers a different thing the nearness of these two particles defines a region of massform then oscillating the location of the particle pairs creates new universe rule areas but it works better outside
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first to quell the rioting I will state that the higgs boson is allegedly its own antiparticle

then I will suggest that there are universes where the higgs has an antiparticle that further these universes could generate a higgs anti higgs time separated pair that generates a unitary higgs particle

this nvention suggests a way people from a parallel universe could generate a universe like ours

It would be funny if the higgs antiparticle existed as the antihiggs came near the higgs the mass as well as other bosonic attributes would form a spectrum of specialized mass between the antihiggs higgs pair

You could image this as an oscillating frequency of massness marvels such as antigravity as well as emc2 anomolies that would result at the area between the two particles

Now studying frequency generators we know that two lapping frequencies form new curve forms as well as doublehigh peaks n flats Further three lapping frequencies create regions with orderly curves as well as visually nonpredictable curves

translating the meaning of the 2 or three frequency higgs antihiggs higgs antihiggs higgs antihiggs pairs we get universe areas where the other particles like protons have more or less or negative mass this creates a region of special materiality with just two higgs antigiggs pairs the oscillation is regular thus that universe area has time resolvable physics that is you can figure out that there are things with observations plus time with three antihiggs higgs pairs you create universe areas that are more decoratively physicsized with the possibility of making universe areas that are beyond prediction as to mass that is to say at a moment a proton might have mass a giant mass an abscence of mass or a negative mass or a hypermass which changes at the next instant this would replace matter with a different thing

A thing tremendously different to prompt Zaphod to say Now that is different Honestly I didn't know they could make them that different at the different factory This makes Ubik look like preschool Right then we take a group of these antihiggs higgs universe area generaters then build a newtons cradle out of them such that as the antihiggs higgs near collision (+)(-)(-)(+)(+)(+)(+) they do this well with a novel universe popping away at the side each moment a universe of the preferred kind

(+) <----> (-)(-)(+)(+)(+)(+)

(+)(-)(-)(+)(+)(+) <----> (+)


(+)(-)(-) <---(+)---> (+)(+)(+)

thus a higgs antihiggs particle machine at a parallel universe could create a universe with physics like ours yet with the capacity to change immediately as a result of a three frequency lapping effect

The technology is a big wad of particle accelerators generating higgs plus antihiggs near each other

beanangel, Aug 19 2009

animated newtons cradle just view them as groups of higgs antihiggs particles which as a group define matters way of being http://www.techno-s...ire&definition=9020
[beanangel, Aug 19 2009]


       you know they do make keyboards with punctuation marks these days.
FlyingToaster, Aug 19 2009

       //higgs antihiggs higgs antihiggs higgs antihiggs pairs...// I'd call this idea Higgledy Piggledy.
xenzag, Aug 19 2009


       Ha, that's fun to say.
DrWorm, Aug 19 2009

       Understanding these concepts would get in the way wouldn't it.
WcW, Aug 21 2009

       Maybe i'm just tired, but i think i see what you're getting at. Are you saying that creating a pattern of nearby Higgs and "anti-Higgs" bosons, if the latter exist, would have regions between them which would have different properties than the universe around them? I think there could be a problem with this. Offhand, i would expect the Higgs boson to be sort of in the middle of its symmetry group, but i may be talking rubbish.
On the other hand, at first glance there is a possible world whose space is filled with bosons which are not the same as their antiparticles and which provide a mass-like property. I am fully aware that as i'm saying this all, it's more like a dream than a coherent thought and that it would probably evaporate if i paid attention to what i was saying.
nineteenthly, Aug 21 2009

       All this time, you were looking for Higgs's Bison?
theircompetitor, Aug 22 2009

       I'm going to run this through the markov string generator to see if it makes more sense.
RayfordSteele, Aug 25 2009


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