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moduloelastic water desalination

the physics of evaporation suggest that water evaporating at different angles from a blob of water use different amounts of energy
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I was thinking about evaporation from a droplet

there are two ideas

one idea is that a water molecule that comes off the surface of a droplet has a reaction force equal to its own velocity

another idea is that a huge population of molecules has a spread of velocities n that the ones going fast, near the surface, escape as gas

another idea is that the velocities of the high velocity molecules is the product of sequential push push push from molecuar motions; that idea supports the physics notion of a gas molecule having a reaction force

If molecule of gas do have a reaction force then the angle at which they leave a blob of water affect the rate of evaporation even at identical temperatures

with desalination evaporation is beneficial

so theres a blob of water a molecule of water going straight up as gas has a normal or 90 degree path which completely "conserves" the reaction energy with all of the reaction energy going towards the core of the water blob | O then theres the highly efficient at evaporation narrow angle evaporating molecule at just tanget to the surface ó almost all of its reaction energy is transferred to molecules near the surface so they have an opportunity to be pushed to evaporate at the opposite angle

anyway make a chemical that causes water to have differenently elastic collisions as well as a way of rotating water aerosol droplets to create variations of evaporability even at a given temperature

now then I think this whole thing is upside down water cools as it evaporates with the coolest part near the evaporation layer thats because the droplet carries away more than just the escape velocity energy with it

yet if you think this sufficiently it appears there is an optimal angle of evaporation from a droplet to create cheaper desalination

beanangel, Apr 28 2010

Mean free path http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Mean_free_path
68 x 10^-9 m [8th of 7, Apr 28 2010]


       the optimal angle would be the tangential one, leaving more momentum in the droplet to be used for further evaporation. Micelles or porous nanoparticles may be used to force tangential surface evaporation. But I really have no idea!
daseva, Apr 28 2010

       This effect would only be significant in near-vacuum, since at STP the mean free path of ejected molecules is extremely short, and would result in rapid deceleration and reabsorbtion.
8th of 7, Apr 28 2010


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