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Möbius's Trip Award

travel competition
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To win the Möbius's Trip Award, the successful competitor must circumnavigate the globe using any means of transport they want, but at the half way point, they must gradually turn upside down and complete the journey in this inverted orientation.
xenzag, May 10 2008

Left-handed proteins vs. right-handed proteins http://en.wikipedia...irality_(chemistry)
[RayfordSteele, May 12 2008]


       may I tuck my skirt in my knickers?
po, May 10 2008

       I suspect this will be claimed by someone on the ISS.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 10 2008

       Turned out nice again .... [+]
8th of 7, May 11 2008

       Better do the second half in an hour or less, or in space... hanging upside down for too long is no good adventure
Voice, May 11 2008

       hmmm, I wonder if an F15 Tomcat can refuel inverted.   

       To truly complete the Möbius's Trip, wouldn't they have to circumnavigate the globe twice, once inverted and once right side up, changing orientations at the same point each time.   

       Also, if a person stands on their head for 24hrs, then stands upright for 24hrs, their path around the center axis of the Earth will be about what you are trying to get at here.   

       Other details of the competition:   

       1) You must travel in a group, and all members of your group must call each other "Moe".   

       2) You must tell fabricated stories (lies) nonstop, in an accent (Bostonian?) that invloves truncating "-r" or "-re" endings of words.   

       What other bad puns can we think of?
sninctown, May 11 2008

       po: no, here, let me do it for you.
xenzag; the usual mathematical thinking on this one is that you would have to come back fully right-left inverted, down to the protein isomers making up your cells.
DrCurry, May 12 2008

       Ew, you don't want to do that to your proteins. They may be inclined to become anti-teins or con-teins instead.
RayfordSteele, May 12 2008

       Haha, this is brilliant! Suggest a wheeled bowler as means of generating forward motion.
calum, May 13 2008

       Does it count if I stand on the dark side of the moon, run really fast, and then arrive on the bright side exactly 1 moon orbit later?
napoleonbag, May 14 2008

       As long as you wear a mirrored boiler suit, so that I can watch you with a telescope, and you pump up my inflatable lunar cows, I will consider it.
xenzag, May 14 2008

       Really, they should have to circumnavawhatever twice, each time making the flip, to fully take advantage of the mobius.
daseva, May 14 2008


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