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Mobius zips

Various garments based on the Mobius strip
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1) Mobius jacket: Jacket that is normal at the front but twists at the back, such that the left side of the front is inside out with respect to the right and vice versa. The fastenings are also inside out with respect to each other, as are the left and right sleeves.

2) Mobius dress: Dress that is similarly twisted at the back or one side with a horizontal zip halfway down that when undone makes it into a single looser and shorter garment.

3) Mobius two-piece dress: Similar to (2), but with the zip only one-third from the edges, that converts to a smaller dress with a loop of fabric that can be used as a muff or hat.

What's the point? None at all. It's fashion.

nineteenthly, Jun 08 2004


       I'm not at my best in the morning, so anything that makes is harder to get dressed gets a bone.   

       But then anything that makes fashion even weirder than it is now is very tough to do, so you get a bun.
GenYus, Jun 08 2004

       the mobius strapless bra, that'll be an easy one. Along with sunglasses, garters, belts... BUN
daseva, Jun 08 2004

       How about Klein bottle shoes to go with them?   

       Might go better in another place.   

       How about Fashion: Hi-Tech?
DesertFox, Jun 08 2004

       oh lord, I just burst a moebius zit.
po, Jun 08 2004

       [po] that must look disgusting, everything inside out, or ouside in, anyway you look at it. But it is a unique combination of words, now keep googling for it to see when the google crawler found it.
kbecker, Jun 08 2004


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