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Macro Pinball

Dog Ball Flight Path Randomizer
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So I’m sitting in the comfy chair with laptop, finally getting a little work done and the Ball Dog comes over saying ‘throwmetheball throwmetheball throwmetheball’, etc. From my reclining position throwing isn’t impossible but there’s really only one direction the ball can go and dog knows it well. He finds it quickly, returns it quickly, the cycle repeats and I don’t get any work done! So methinks, howzabout scaling up a pinball bumper and locating it where I throw the ball? Then it will launch the ball from its circular thwacker in various directions. Dog works harder and I get longer intervals of peace. I’d stuff a small RFID tag in the ball and a PIC in the bumper so it ‘knows’ when to whack and to NOT recognize the cat hunting mousies. Several bumpers could relay riccochets. Plus one on the Roomba, bwahaha.
Steamboat, Feb 05 2010


       Can't believe it. I'm going exactly through the same scenario as I read this. Nina won't stop barking because I'm done throwing the ball and she wants to keep playing now that I'm finally sitting down to get some.... um... social networking done. (tee-hee). [+]
Pericles, Feb 05 2010


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