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Remote Control Cat

Connecting a lazer pointer to a cats collar
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So cats like little red dots that move. They like them plenty. So what if you used a servo and attached the laser pointer to a collar. Then you hook the servo back to a remote control device. Like that of an airplane. When you push the joystick to the left, the dot goes to the left. When you push the joystick to the right the dot goes to the right of the cat. So now you can control turning and I'm sure the cat would supply forward.

I don't even know if this would work really. I mean the cat might move to fast to really keep up with them. Or they might just be so destracted by the weighty collar.

zer0wing, Jul 07 2003

laser pointer collar http://www.halfbake..._20pointer_20collar
About as Half Baked as they come: [marked–for–deletion] [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       See link.
DrCurry, Jul 07 2003

       What [shift] says. This idea is about a remote control system and the linked idea is about a pre-programmed system. While the two use some common elements the results are quite different.
bristolz, Jul 07 2003

       Yeah, but it's still a collar-mounted cat guidance system, pretty half baked. OK, the control is different, but the results are the same: everybody laughing until they get bored, or the cat t-bones a doorway (I swear that wasn't me).
oxen crossing, Jul 08 2003

       Hmm. I'm undecided on this. Thanks for confusing me [oxcross].
bristolz, Jul 08 2003

       I'm confused by the words "cat" and "control" appearing in the same phrase.
angel, Jul 08 2003

       "....... and runs off only three car batteries."   

       Now, if the laser were powerful enough to fry oncoming cats ........
8th of 7, Jul 08 2003

       The linked idea specifically refers to "remote control" as well as programming, though is a little vague about what it does (pattern control? - that could well mean directional control, which is how I interpeted it). Clearly this is the same concept, putting a laser on a cat's collar with remote control.
DrCurry, Jul 08 2003

       [bristolz], always happy to confuse--maybe you'll catch up with me; I'm still sort of confused by most of what I read here...   

       I'm with DrC, this idea would make a good annotation to the original, in my opinion (qualified: (1) confused)
oxen crossing, Jul 08 2003

       I'd buy one for every cat in my house. It'd be GREAT! You'd keep it down in front of them so their heads are down watching the laser, and then once they get close to another cat, guide them to it, and *BAM* instant cat fight! +
mortenal, Jul 08 2003


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