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One-per-squirrel nut dispenser

Squirrel-powered device releases one nut per turn
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This would be an enabling technology for Squirrel Circus and maybe for Squirrel Power. Several squirrel-sized platforms are mounted on a Ferris-wheel-like device. The weight of the squirrel landing on the uppermost platform moves it to the bottom position and that movement dispenses one nut onto the platform moving into the top position. The device is placed at the end of an obstacle course (see video for example), so that the squirrel has to go through the whole course again to get another nut.
Ford, Feb 08 2008

obligatory video http://www.youtube....mVs&feature=related
[po, Feb 08 2008]

The other obligatory video http://www.youtube....watch?v=aU1IwEyD0zA
He's totally nuts. [RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2008]

feeders are always entertaining Puzzle_20Birdfeeders
[mylodon]'s take on a feeder. [pyggy potamus, Feb 13 2008]


       You forget the ingenious and deviant nature of these rodents. At first it might seem that you were playing with them but, as they learned how to defeat the mechanism, it would seem more like they were playing you.
WcW, Feb 08 2008

       [ford], you don't really think your name is nicely inconspicuous (sp?) do you?
zeno, Feb 08 2008

       [zeno] Ford is my real name, though I did get the reference. [WcW] I agree that preventing short-cuts would be a challenge, but I say, if we can put a squirrel on the moon...
Ford, Feb 08 2008

       Your last name isn't "Prefect", I hope?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 08 2008

       or Cortina?
po, Feb 08 2008

       The idea is fairly good, but the bun is for //enabling technology for Squirrel Circus//.
wagster, Feb 08 2008

       Poor scrat. Seems like a lot of effort for one nut.   

       Hey, that could be a tagline...
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2008

       Obligatory quote from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory:   

       "Little Girl! Don't touch that squirrel's nuts. It'll make him crazy!"
Canuck, Feb 09 2008

       Considering hundreds of such devices already exist under the guise of "squirrel proof" bird feeders......
WcW, Feb 09 2008

       but none of them work...
po, Feb 09 2008

       They "work" the squirrels...
WcW, Feb 09 2008

       If you could generate slightly more power from the squirrel running the course than is contained in the nut itself...
GutPunchLullabies, Feb 11 2008

       is there a nut famine i don't know about? or have we just been commissioned by the anti-pudgy squirrel brigade?
pyggy potamus, Feb 12 2008

       In case it's not clear, the idea is to entertain people watching squirrels go through the course. not to control squirrels' diets.
Ford, Feb 13 2008


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