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Grow your own house
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With the gains in Arbor/Horticulture knowledge we have today, personal kingdoms such as those enjoyed by the Faerie realms now become possible to replicate.

Imagine a Village where every house deals to human wastes as they are created and gives you dinner at your fingertips for the plucking.

By growing selected species like Australian Ficus and controlling the shape of the plants with judicious pruning and grafting tecniques, you too could own a home fit for the subtropics and tropics alike.

Want a new room ?

Grow it.

Many trees support rapid growth which can be assisted with forced rooting techniques anywhere along the trees form and graft very easily.

By planting a selection of base trees to form the outline of the structure you want and waiting for up to two years, one could then set about grafting walls, floors and ceilings to form an enclosed shelter which could the be fitted out. Organic wastes could be used as fertilisers while the normal rubbish is dealt to by conventional means. Not a bad way to live.

muman, Jan 02 2005

Two Fries' Treethedral Treethedral
Fairly comprehensive discussion of this idea and existing examples. [jurist, Jan 02 2005]

Unabubba's My [Rain]Forest Home My_20(Rain)Forest_20Home
[jurist, Jan 02 2005]


       I'm a bit confused as to whether this idea is meant to be about growing your own house, or picking fruit from your home's walls. It's kind of a "two-fer". Unfortunately, we've talked about both of these concepts elsewhere. [links]
jurist, Jan 02 2005

       I'm not especially kosher, but I don't fancy the same thing that "deals with" my human waste preparing my dinner.   

       But I have been in favor of organic houses ever since reading Lord of the Rings.
DrCurry, Jan 02 2005


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